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The Smart Street In Calangute Will Be A New Tourist Attraction in North Goa

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The Smart Street In Calangute
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We have been long hearing about the ‘Smart City’ project initiative being undertaken for the city of Panjim, with repeated promises of work and crores of money sanctioned, but on the ground, the city hasn’t really met up to all the requirements to qualify to be a real ‘smart city’. 

Overtaking the city, Calangute village has managed to achieve the accomplishment of a “Smart Street”, and the same was inaugurated by the local Calangute MLA Michael Lobo yesterday. 

The distant dream of the smart capital city may be still in progress, as it is learnt several political and financial hurdles are arising. The smart street, however, has become an accomplished dream. 

So, What Makes This Street Smart?

Any Goan or tourist for that matter is aware of the famous Tito’s lane in the Baga-Calangute area and having a large footfall all through the year, it was evident to provide the area with major upliftment’s that could strengthen the image of the coastal area.  

So, here’s what’s new at the Baga-Calangute lane that makes it special, and most importantly, ‘smart’. 

  • The street now has 30 light poles put in place, with each lamp having a four-colored theme lighting.
  • The street now also has a Wi-Fi connection.
  • There are multiple CCTV cameras that will enable round the clock surveillance of the busy tourist lane. 
  • The entire Tito’s lane is also lined up with solar blinkers – which appear lit up during the night time.
  • There are also multiple digital smart boards placed at multiple locations on the street that can provide an opportunity to flash any message across. 

The entire project of the smart street, however, has not been undertaken by the government and is a CSR activity by Shank Creations. 

The idea of this street upliftment came through a village panchayat session and is the busiest street in the North Goa area, its rebranding was much appreciated by locals. 

Giving credit to the locals for supporting the work, local MLA Michael Lobo said that it was the local villagers who permitted this work. “Smart people who live in this area gave us a chance to develop this street. They always said do whatever is good for the public,” Lobo said. 

The street aims to be a role model for the state’s image as a tourism destination, and this will come as a wake-up call for authorities that are a part of the Smart City Panaji mission. 

Although arguably the scale of work being undertaken for the city will be much larger, it is high time the authorities may the best use of the funds allotted, through an organized and sustained approach.   

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