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Dona Paula, the famous tourist spot situated in the capital city of Goa is known for its imaginary love story of character Dona and Paula. The myth turned into the reality following the Kamal Hasan movie Ek Duje Ke Liye which was released in the late 80s. Honeymooners from all over India specially visit this place to mark their presence at this epic place not knowing the real story behind it.    
As the per constitution of India the dual citizenship is now allowed, but despite of that many of the Goans are running after the Portuguese passport, in the hope of acquiring a brighter future out of their comfortable homes. Unfortunately, not all achieve success in their endeavors. The indefinite numbers of Goans that have moved to the UK are immense, these Goans after gaining Portuguese citizenship mainly settle down in London, Swindon and Leicester, not only do they leave to the UK but also leave for gaining employment in the UAE.
Monsoon is the time when the domestic tourists make plans to visit Goa. The main reason behind this is, the off-season tariff, that means you can enjoy Goa in half the price of what you would normally pay if you plan to visit during the peak season time. The tourists come to Goa for its Pristine beaches, Fresh Seafood, and the Cheap liquor, but this article is only going to focus on the beaches. As you are aware that Goa is famous for its white sand beaches, but there are some beaches that you should avoid visiting during your vacation. You don’t want to fall sick by throwing yourself into the sea which is not clean right? If you want to know more about the places which you keep away, then you must read this article… 
Imagine a situation where a guest at your home starts disrupting the environment. He/she throws his clothes around, wastes the food you cooked, leaves the tap on in the washroom, walks in with mucky shoes, drops and breaks a glass, puts on the television without asking you or opens your fridge and begins eating anytime etc.  How would you feel? Annoyed and angry right? Well, the exact same thing happens when one goes to someone else’s homeland and begins all scandals.
Is Goa Safe For Tourists? This is the first question that many tourists ask when they come to this beautiful tiny state. But the actual concern here is, why do they ask such a question in the first place? Has Goa's image become so tarnished that tourists doubt its safety measures? The above question was asked on Quora by one of the tourist staying in Anjuna, and we have written this article based on the extracts of the replies people sent on the Quora question. It is indeed a concern for the Government and stakeholders of the Tourism Industry of Goa. Let's take a look what others have to say on this sensitive issue.
A big chunk of Goans are settled down in the UK and other EU countries with the help of Portuguese passports have a good news. According to the reports, they have will be given a permanent citizenship as the rest of the EU Citizens and they will also eligible to enjoy the same privileges that any Britton. What more anyone could ask for??
Goa; A state is known for its contrasting culture and significant values, is now seen producing youth, that withdraw themselves from their identity to follow the so called ‘Western Culture’, most even migrating after the 10th Grade.  But is it only the clothing, lifestyle, and country that drives them towards drifting away from their homeland?
The HOLI is celebrated in north India with lots of enthusiasm and fun. In Goa, HOLI is celebrated as part of the SHIGMO festival which is 14 days festival celebrated in all over the Goa in phase manner. But following the trend of north India the new generation celebrates HOLI on the first day. There are many events organised by the various event companies, hotels and resorts in Goa during the Holi day.
Overcharging customers for the packaged drinking water, Aerated water and bottle of Beer is a common trend across the country and Goa being one the major tourism destination in India has not been spared from this malpractice done by the retail outlets or hoteliers. According to the new development in the Maharashtra, the Legal Metrology Organisation (LMO) has warned all the hoteliers to not to get involved in such malpractice or else they may have to pay for it.
The rape is one of the most serious crimes that amounts into shattering the whole life of a victim. Rape don't just physically abuses the victim but the scars of the incident get engraved on her personality and character too. Why people rape is yet another serious subject which we will surely discuss in the next chapter but rapists are mentally unsound claims the study. Our society is male dominated and female by and large treated or seen as an object of deriving the satisfaction, by the male counterparts and the same leads to forcible sexual act which is termed as a rape.