Goa is about to witness the first of kind mega festival called Sur Jahan supported by the Goa Tourism to boost the cultural tourism in the state of Goa. The festival will kick start today at 6 pm in Kala Academy Complex, said the sources. Goa has been known for its art and culture, and music in Goa holds a special place in the lives of the people in the State. From Goan folk to classical music, the musical variety in the state has always kept the Goans lively and enthusiastic. Taking into consideration the importance of the Goan art and music, Goa will witness the biggest music festival “Sur Jahan”, the new name of World Peace Music festival on 8-10 February at Kala Academy, Goa. The three- day event will bring together soulful musical performances by the popular artists alluring huge crowd to witness this three-day mega event.

Sur Jahan, previously known as Sufi Sutra, is one of the biggest music festivals hosted in the city and will bring together renowned performers all the way from Sweden, Russia, Denmark and the Czech Republic. This event is supported by Goa Tourism. The three-day melodious affair will be inaugurated on Feb 8 at 6 pm followed by a performance from Tarak Khyapa ( Baul of Bengal) at 7 pm and Virelai ( Denmark) at 8 pm. The second day will follow suit with a special performance by BrAgas (Czech Republic) at 6 pm, East West Local (India) at 7 pm and Ale Moller Quartet (Sweden) at 8 pm.

The event will conclude on February 10 with an extraordinary performance from Ellika Solo Rafael (Sweden) at 6 pm, Otava Yo at 7 pm and Punjab Qawwali at 8 pm. There will be a special workshop held on Feb 9 and 10 at 10:30 am by Ellika Solo Rafael, followed by a workshop at 11:45 am by Otava Yo ( Russia) and at 1 pm by Virelai. On day two, the workshop will be undertaken by BrAgas at 10:30 am, by Ale Moller Quartet at 11:45 am and Tarak Khyapa at 1 pm.

Organized by Banglanatak dot com, a UN-recognised city-based social enterprise that uses music to bring together diverse global cultures has collaborated with bands from all over the countries. Among other international bands, the festival will host BraAgas, known for its traditional medieval songs will be also performing giving music lovers a first-hand experience of the vulnerable traditions of the region.


Another highlight of the 2017 music fest is the Ellika Solo Rafael, a special group in which musicians from Sweden, Senegal, and Mexico come together to take the audience on a melodious ride crisscrossing across the globe. Reviving old Soviet tunes and songs, Russia’s Otava Yo band has its roots in pagan traditions of Slavonic tribes and even other nationalities. Otava Yo plays their music in a vigorous manner laced with a good dose of humor, using traditional Russian instruments.

The event is free for all and will host performances by Indian bands like Punjab Qawwali and Bauls of Bengal.  While the workshops are scheduled for the morning, the musical extravaganza will be held from 6-9pm at Kala Academy.



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