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India’s Business Tycoon Ratan Tata Had Adopted A Dog and Named It “Goa”? Why? Read It Here…

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Ratan Tata Had Adopted A Dog and Named It Goa
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Goa is a place everyone wants to be but why someone would name their dog to Goa? It is very interesting story of India’s biggest business Tycoon Mr Ratan Tata who named his adopted dog as “Goa” why? Read the complete story here… 

On the occasion of Diwali, the 82 year old business tycoon took to Instagram to share a glimpse of the celebrations with some of his adopted dogs. 

Ratan Tata took the picture at his Bombay House- the global headquarters of Tata group. In the posted picture we see his favourite black and white dog who lives at his Bombay House, and is surprisingly called “Goa”. Eventually he revealed why he gave his dog such an unusual name.

In a recent Instagram post made by Ratan Tata on Wednesday, he poses with his  dogs, one called ‘Goa’. 

The picture shows the Chairman Emeritus of the Tata Group with a mask on his face, an arm around Goa and next to him another dog sniffing the rangoli on the floor. The 82-year-old captioned the picture as “A few heartwarming moments with the adopted Bombay House dogs this Diwali, especially Goa, my office companion”.

Later an Instagram user in the comment section asked him “Is ‘Goa’ the name of the dog? What’s the story behind naming it so?” to which Tata replied saying “He was a stray puppy when he got into my colleague’s car in Goa, and came all the way to Bombay House, hence the name Goa”. 

Ratan Tata continues to win people’s hearts with his pictures with his adopted dogs. Netizens even call him ‘man with a golden heart’. His Bombay House has a special kennel which is made for the stray dogs in the area. 

In January, Ratan Tata posted a story on Instagram of his dog Goa where the dog is standing on its hind legs to hug him. Goa is the leader of the pack and is rumoured to be the tycoons favourite. 

Share with us the unusual dog names you’ve heard, with the interesting stories behind them!

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