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To Teach a Lesson to the Waiter, 23-Year-Old Mumbai Girl Makes Bomb Hoax Call to Goa Police

Revenge is not good, but despite knowing this fact people don't understand and they try to do whatever possible to take revenge, and some
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Revenge is not good, but despite knowing this fact people don’t understand and they try to do whatever possible to take revenge, and some of them go to any extent to avenge others. The story of this Mumbai based young girl is no different. She made a Call to Goa Police informing them of the Bomb placed in Restaurant in Calangute, what happened next is really interesting.

Your good deeds can reward you but your bad deeds can put you behind the bars, and something similar happened with the 20-year-old Rangoli Patel from Mumbai. Presently she is cooling her feet in Goa Jail for making hoax bomb call to Calangute Police Station, situated in north Goa.

According to the reports, a 23-year old Rangoli Patel, MBA student from Mumbai, she had visited Goa with her friend for a two-day stay in Goa. But unfortunately, she ended up in judicial custody after making a hoax call reporting a bomb threat in Hotel in Calangute. The main motive for this fake report was to get back to the waiter of the restaurant for trying to pacify the argument between her and her friend.

According to sources, Rangoli and her friends went to a restaurant for the dinner on Monday and Rangoli’s friend picked up a quarrel with her under the influence of alcohol. The duo caught up in a heated argument which created a nuisance in the hotel.

A waiter interfered and tried to pacify the fight. After failed attempts to resolve the fight, the waiter asked them to leave the restaurant. Infuriated by this, the duo threatened to get back to him for his interference.

The Calangute police inspector, Jivba Dalvi stated that girl called the police around 1 AM and reported that a bomb had been planted in the restaurant in Calangute that was 15 KM away from Panjim.

Soon after making the call, Rangoli switched off her mobile phone so that the police will not be able to reach her. According to Dalvi, the police could not reach her phone and had to mobilize all their resources to verify the threat call.

According to Times of India, the Police, who had received a red alert about possible terrorist’s attacks in western India in view of the recent India- Pakistan tension, were ready to tackle any eventuality. 

Dalvi along with police personnel rushed to the restaurant and conducted a thorough search for suspicious-looking objects but was unable to trace any. The anti-terrorist squad, the bomb disposal squad and the dog sniffer squad of the Goa police also confirmed that it was a hoax call. 

On realizing this, the Police soon traced the caller through her cell phone details and caught them in a hotel situated in the same area. After Rangoli was arrested by Calangute police, she confessed to making a hoax call reporting a bomb threat. She admitted to making the call so that the restaurant suffers loses on account of their interference between the duo’s arguments.

According to NDTV, The accused has been booked under sections 182 (false information), 505(1)(b) (incite to commit the offense) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code.

The sources said that due to the ongoing tension between India and Pakistan following the Pulwama attack there is a high alert in Goa and police did not want to take any chances, but the people like Rangoli who thinks everything is a joke needs to be taken to the task so that others do not follow her footsteps.    

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