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Domestic Tourists Entering Goa to Celebrate New Year Roaming Around Without Masks and Social Distancing

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Domestic Tourists in Goa
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As the new year celebration is getting closer a huge flow of domestic tourists started entering the state of Goa. The entry of tourists may be a good omen for the tourism business in Goa, but the irresponsible behavior of the majority of the tourists is posing a major challenge before the locals and administration. You can witness all the major beaches in Goa is filled with domestic tourists and you can spot them moving around everywhere without wearing masks or maintaining any social distancing. Does Goa make them feel carefree or they behave the same way in their own state?      

With the year coming to an end, the number of tourists in Goa is increasing rapidly which can cause COVID-19 cases to increase as well. Though the UK flights have been canceled until the end of this year, domestic tourists are flocking to Goa. The tourists are neither asked to submit a health certificate nor being tested for the Covid infection at the borders which is resulting to be quite dangerous for the locals.

“Yesterday, I was going to Candolim, around late evening and I literally saw a whole group of tourists roaming without masks and not maintaining any social distance. Later, when I went to a nearby supermarket called Newton’s, I saw multiple tourists trying to enter in groups and without masks”, said a local from Mapusa.

He also mentioned that this will not only affect the locals but everybody as the virus is spreading rapidly. Also, the students and parents against offline examinations attend parties at clubs and move out without following the rules.

“In my opinion, it is very difficult for anything to be done to prevent it at this point as everyone has to take care of their families and go back to work to keep up their economy but obviously something can be thought upon and action can be taken”, he further added.

He also stated that the Police cannot be blamed for not giving fines to a huge crowd of people as the public should be aware of the circumstances and be responsible enough to follow the rules and not wait for someone else to correct them.

Meanwhile, Sailesh Amonkar, a local stated, “Some tourists follow rules, some don’t. International tourists mostly wear masks but the national tourists, mainly from the north don’t follow the social distancing norm as some wear masks but not properly and others not at all. Mainly the young groups who come for beach parties totally eliminate social norms of this pandemic and act carefree as if nothing is going on.”

CM Pramod Sawant, a month ago mentioned that the Government has given the police, Mamlatdar, Panchayat’s secretary the right to fine people not wearing a mask. But according to what the locals have noticed, the police have not taken many strict actions.

“The cops don’t even fine, like the previous day I saw the cops helping tourists get pictures at Panjim church instead of fining them for not wearing masks. The cops themselves in the police stations and on duty don’t wear a mask. There are a few exceptional cases though who do wear masks”, stated a local from Panjim.

“I, myself move out a lot but have seen a cop giving fine to a person without mask only once, where the 70% of the public don’t wear masks properly or don’t at all and that too this was a couple of months ago, now they don’t even check on who wears and who doesn’t. We cannot only blame the tourists but locals themselves don’t follow rules of social distancing and wearing masks in public. Our honorable CM only doesn’t wear masks during a public gathering of more than 5 people, I don’t think it’s a good example to set”, said Sailesh Amonkar.

The locals believe that every individual should be responsible and follow the rules properly. They have also mentioned that the tourists alone cannot be blamed for the increase of the risks but the locals should be blamed too as most of them do not take precautions seriously. 

The locals also suggested that the tourists should be tested at the state borders and that the police should be more strict with regards to giving fines and huge parties and events should be strictly banned.

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