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Goa CM wants people to continue wearing mask and maintain the social distancing for another two years

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Social Distancing and wearing mask
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Although the state does not have a single case of coronavirus, Goa CM wants people to wear the mask and continue social distancing for another two years. The CM had urged the people of Goa to get used to the social distancing norms and masks for another two years as the things may remain that way for a long time.   

According to the reports, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, here on Monday, urged people to get acquainted with the social distancing norms and masks and said they could remain in place for nearly two years. ”People should start getting used to wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. This may go on for two years,” Sawant said.

Mr Sawant is in favour of keeping the border closed while the commercial activities within the state will continue post lockdown. “At present, Goa doesn’t have a single active Covid-19 case,” Sawant said adding that he had favoured continuance of lockdown of borders for inter-state travel as cases of Covid-19 in the neighbouring states of Karnataka and Maharashtra were on the rise.

According to the reports, After participating in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s video conference with chief ministers in the morning, Sawant told reporters that Goa borders will remain sealed, while the economic activities in the state would resume gradually. “We are not allowing people into Goa from outside. We are worried about Covid-19 positive persons coming in. In our neighbouring states, there is a continuous rise in cases,” Sawant said.    

As India enters the final week of the lockdown, Prime Minister Modi on Monday conveyed to chief ministers that the country will have to give importance to the economy as well as to continue the fight against coronavirus. The prime minister underlined that the lockdown has “yielded positive results as the country has managed to save thousands of lives in the past one and a half months”, it said.

Meanwhile, the state economy is majorly dependent on tourism and hence locking down the border may not help much to the tourism industry while the food industry may come back to life once the commercial activities in the state resume. Please share your views on this.

Source: TOI

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