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Group of Tourists from Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka Found Creating Nuisance After Drinking in Calangute

Lots of Domestic tourists are mainly responsible for creating a major amount of problems in Goa. They come to Goa for drinking and having
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Lots of Domestic tourists are mainly responsible for creating a major amount of problems in Goa. They come to Goa for drinking and having fun, and forget their limits. There are several dozens of cases where these domestic tourists have been involved in creating a nuisance on the beaches and streets after drinking. In fact, there was a case of a gang rape involving some domestic tourists.

Goa witnesses huge tourism footfalls per year. Millions of tourists, whether domestic or foreign visit Goa; to enjoy the majestic beaches, the sunny weather and parties of this state. The culture of the state resembles the West up to some extent due to the Portuguese dominance. This is one of the reasons many foreign nationals, especially Russians flock to Goa during holidays.

But in recent times, Goa has been taking a hit on several issues. The reputation of the state has been deteriorating and people are only visiting Goa for the availability of drugs and alcohol.

They start fighting amongst themselves after drinking

The state has also been witnessing several safety issues related to molestation, human trafficking, drug and sexual abuse and also hooliganism. These have raised safety concerns and many people now feel that God is no more a safe place especially for women.

The over-pricing of accommodation, transport and even entertainment services has led to tourists second-guessing about this destination. It is of no wonder that due to these issues, the tourist influx to the state has significantly decreased this year.

While the blame-game still goes on between the tourists and the locals of the state, it is noteworthy to consider that the economy of the state is being affected. With the ban on mining activities, the State of Goa has to depend on the tourism industry, which gives a major chunk of income to the state. The tourists feel that the locals are intolerant while the locals are of the opinion that tourists are irresponsible.

There have been cases of rape and sexual abuse in Goa. The Betalbatim Rape case has sparked quite a controversy and led to the fury of many. It is unfortunate that the safest state in the country has witnessed a rise in crime and rape this year. Inappropriate behaviour towards female tourists, the locals have become a major issue. Often locals, as well as some domestic tourists, feel that every girl on the beach is available.

They make the foreigner tourists feel uncomfortable

Apart from this, there have been many situations where a tourist has created nuisance in the state. According to Goa Prism, The reckless behaviour showcased by the tourists is often condemned by the locals. The loud music, drunk driving and harassing of locals by the tourists are just some of the problems faced by the locals. It is a known fact that majority of the tourists arriving in the state are interested in the alcohol and sit by a beach consuming it. Often they end up breaking the empty bottles and littering around the beach which has caused a major case of pollution of beaches.

In one of the recent news published in the Times of India, nine tourists from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka were nabbed by Calangute police on 22nd January for allegedly drinking in public. They were found drinking in public area and troubling and disturbing the peacefulness of society. 

Observing these situations, it seems like there is a clash between the locals and the tourists. The tourists need to be responsible and maintain the dignity of the place their visiting.

Although Goa has a western influence to it, it cannot be denied that the culture is still traditional and sometimes even conservative. As tourists, one must be responsible not only for their safety but also their behaviour during their stay. They should respect the sentiments of the host communities and abide by them.

This kind of awareness must be raised as a part of the Responsible Tourism, wherein tourists are reminded of their responsibilities as they visit a certain place. Every state or country has its own culture, beliefs and norms. As a tourist, one must respect and abide by them during their stay without disturbing or disrespecting their peace and environment.

The host communities of a place, especially a state like Goa that depends on tourism and receives tourists in such large number, must maintain its hospitable nature. The locals must be respectful of the tourists and treat them with utmost hospitality as they are guests to the state. It is their duty to be tolerant, helpful and showcase a good reputation to the tourists.

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