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Now, Your Motor Vehicle Papers Will be Valid Till December 31, 2020

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Your Motor Vehicle Papers
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The transport department has issued a new order stating that the validity dates for all fitness certificates, motor vehicle permits, driving licenses, and vehicle registration, including other documents of your motor vehicle will be valid till the year-end, i.e. December 31, 2020. 

This order comes after a communication from the Centra transport ministry was sent to all states. The Union government had considered this extension keeping in mind the forbidding situation of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“All public are hereby informed that validity of fitness, permit (all types), license, registration or any other concerned documents related to motor vehicles whose extension of validity could or not likely be granted due to the lockdown and which had expired since 1st of February, 2020 or would expire by December 31, 2020, are treated to be valid till December 31, 2020. 

The lockdown that was implemented in March this year posed a tough task for many to get their motor vehicle documents renewed as several offices were shut during the initial times of the pandemic. 

Keeping in mind this, initially, the renewal of motor vehicle documents that expired on February 1, 2020 were extended till June 30. However, as the situation prevailed with rising cases and many preferring to remain indoors, the same was extended till September 30. 

In this new order, the same date has been extended till the year end this year, and officers of all departments related to these are ordered to consider the documents valid till the time period mentioned. 

“The communication has been issued by the Union ministry of road, transport and highways taking into consideration the grim situation still continuing due to the spread of covid-19 and the need for containment of the spread of the disease,” the new order stated, issued by the director of transport Rajan Satardekar. 

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