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Those who have Travel History need to get Home Quarantined or the Government will admit them at Quarantine Centres for 14 days, says Goa CM

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Covid Travel History Quarantine
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Although Goa does not have a single case of coronavirus the need of taking optimum care is necessary at this juncture and that is why Goa CM has made some important announcement as which services will remain open and what will be closed. He has also appealed the people who have travelled anywhere in India during the last week or ten days to reports the same to the concern authorities and get their hands stamped with “HOME QUARANTINE” Here is the full report…  

According to the Gpa CM, there are many people who have travel history of travelling abroad or within in India during the COVID 19 outbreak in India but many have no disclosed the same to the authorities, CM has appealed them to come ahead and disclose their travel history so that Government stamp on their hands for the 14 days of home quarantine but in case of failure to do so, the authorities have given the powers to put them into the Quarantine centres for 14 days. This is very serious since it is a matter of public health safety. The CM also said that anybody who has travelled in the last eight days even within the country such persons needs to get themselves home quarantine immediately.

Home Quarantined stamp on hand

Most of the Goans who are staying outside Goa due to employment or education and those who have travelled to Goa during past 8 to 10 days need to share their travel history with the concern authorise and such persons need to get themselves a 14 days self home quarantine immediately, appealed the Chief Minister of Goa in a press note released by him today.

According to him all those people who have recent travel history will be stamped on their hands with the strict instructions of 14 days self-quarantine at home and those who fail to disclose the same will be sent to the quarantine centres prepared by the state government for 14 days. 

He also appealed the general public to help Government officials by providing the information of such persons via the WhatsApp number (96079 09559) and that the names of the informers as well as the patient will be kept confidential. “We have given them free hands to all the primary centres across Goa to stamp their hands of people with travel history mentioning “HOME QUARANTINE” it is very much necessary in the interest of all general public of Goa,” he said.

Cm further said that due to lock down the state remained safe from the clutches of Coronavirus. “The next 8 days are very crucial and people of Goa needs to get alert and provide the information of all the people with travel history,” he said.

Soon the health department will start putting home quarantine stamps to all those who gave travelled during the last week from anywhere in India specially the neighbouring states.

CM also annoyed the reopening of the essential commodities and services which includes the supply of Milk, Fish, Milk and other important things will be available from morning 6 am to 11 am he said.

Also, the services, such as banks, electronic and print media, Health, Fire, Water, Pharmacies, Petrol Pump will remain open while the religious places like Churches, Temples, Mosques and others will remain closed till the 31st March.

since section 144 is invoked the assembly of three or more than three people will be dealt with police personals and hence people, in general, are advised to not to gather even in a small group.

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