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Why Did Sunburn Announced The Formal Exit From Its Franchisee?

After just one year of its operations, Sunburn made a sudden Exit from its Franchisee in Goa.
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Sunburn Beach Club
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Sunburn Asia’s Biggest Dance Music Festival has been in Goa for more than a decade with tourists from all over the world flying down to Goa to attend this music dance extravaganza. Looking at the lucrative market in Goa the Sunburn promoters had decided to set up the Sunburn Beach Club at North Goa’s Famous beach, but then what happened? Why they exited the Franchisee from Goa?  

It started in Vagator, Goa, back in 2007 and since then has been gaining a fan base at a crazy rate. In 2016, it was shifted to Pune but was back to its original location in Vagator in 2019.

On Friday, shockingly, Sunburn announced its formal exit from the franchise deal it had signed with M/S Den Liquor, Goa. Earlier in November 2020, Sunburn had entered into a franchise agreement with M/S Den Liquor, Goa for its brand, ‘Sunburn Beach Club’ for a location at Vagator.

Sunburn officials said that they believe in following the law of the land and doing work in an ethical manner. “In over 14+ years of existence sunburn has complied with the law and will continue to do so,” they said.

During the 8 months of the brand license, since December 2020, of ‘Sunburn Beach Club’, the club was operational for a maximum of 7 days, while the rest of the days it was shut under government order, said the press note. It has been one of the top EDM festivals worldwide, and it owes its entire existence and fame to goa.

Since conditions have been grim all around, it does not come as a surprise when losses are being faced. 

Manoj Agarwal, who is the CEO of Percept Live reiterated that “while it’s unfortunate to end a relationship, what is paramount to us is that all laws are complied with. We have faith in our partners that they will resolve the current issues and will be back in business very soon”.

Such things are bound to happen every now and then. Nothing and no one really lasts forever. Hence, it’s always said “Live in the present ”. One should always enjoy the little things around them because you never really know when it’s your last time with it. 

The people who attended Sunburn back in 2019, would never have thought about how the tables could turn around so soon.

Karan Singh, COO Percept Live & CEO SUNBURN, said that “we will continue to bring the Sunburn experience to our fans through our F&B formats across India”. He also said, “Sunburn festival will be back in Goa as soon as conditions are conducive”.

They aim to do their best to reach their audience. Probably the event would not be the same again, but surely it would be great again in a few years. 

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