Goa will have Special Zones on Goan Beaches for Drinking, Says Tourism Minister

The Tourism Minister of Goa informed the media while addressing a press conference that Goa will soon have the special Zones on the beaches for Drinking Alcohol but only Goans can drink the Alcohol while tourists will not be allowed to drink on the Goan beaches. He added that the Goan youth needs the place for drinking on the Goan beaches since they go there for the picnics. Will this impact adversely on tourism, not mentioned!

\According to the reports, More than a year after banning the consumption of alcohol on Goa’s beaches, state Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar on Tuesday said, that special zones would be treated on the state’s popular beaches for picnics and liquor drinking for the local youths for the picnic.

Mr Azgaonkar also said that those who drink outside the special zones on the beaches, which is still in the planning stage and will be created soon, will be finned with Rs. 5000.

Tourists Drinking on Goan Beaches

“When implementing the ban on drinking we want to create a special zone for picnics. A lot of local groups want to have picnics along the beach and we have decided to keep spots along the beachside — one or two at each beach where those who want to go can go and drink — a picnic zone,” Ajgaonkar said.

According to the Tourism Minister, the police will be given enough powers to fine and arrest the people who break the rules.

“Police head constables have been given powers, wardens will be there too as well as supervisors, who will have the power to fine people drinking alcohol outside these designated zones,” the Tourism Minister also said.

Locals Picnic on Goan Beaches

It may be recalled that In January 2019, the Goa cabinet had passed a law banning the consumption of alcohol in public places and assured a crackdown on ‘boozing’ on beaches and other tourist places in the coastal state, which attracts nearly eight million tourists every year. But now with the new development in the place, you will soon witness lots of beer bottles lying down all over on the Goan beaches.

What is your view on this? do you think that the Alcohol should be allowed on the Goan beaches? regardless of Locals or Tourists.
Source: IANS

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