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The Challenges Migrated Goans Face While Living in the UK

The life of Goans working in the UK is not the bed the bed of roses as it is assumed, they have to face
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The life of Goans working in the UK is not the bed the bed of roses as it is assumed, they have to face a lot of challenges while working and staying there. Right from the cost of living to the work environment is very harsh there compared to our country, but despite of that they still prefer to migrate to the European Countries with the help of Portuguese Passport. Here in this piece of article, we have tried to put some light on the challenges faced by Goans living in the UK.  

The privilege of Portuguese citizenship granted the right to Dual Citizenship to Goans. The 450-year Portuguese dominance finally ended in 1961 and the Portuguese left the state by giving it a special right. Goa is a tiny state located on the Konkan coast, which now is the most favoured tourist destination in the country. 

Although with the abundance of growth and markets coming up, Goa still falls short to provide employment opportunities for its people.  Many Goans resort to moving abroad in search of job opportunities. In this way, Portugal citizenship has proved to be beneficial to the Goans. With the help of this, Goans can move and settle in any country belonging to the European Union and this just proves as a doorway to various opportunities.

When it comes to jobs; there are plenty of opportunities in the UK. It depends on the degree that you hold and your field of specialisation. According to Goans, the Goans who move to the UK, normally opt or Hotels, airports, driving and cleaning jobs. 

The job market is very tough and often one gets a job through influence. The UK offers work while studying opportunities which helps people earn a living to manage their stay. It is initially difficult to manage expenses in the UK for a Goan. Many don’t choose to work every day and gets daily wages.

Goans also tend to find employment in Swindon, which is an industrial state. According to Goan Voice, Swindon has the highest concentration of Goans anywhere around the world. Being able to communicate in English is one necessary requirement for getting good jobs around the UK. While most people lack this, are subjected to low-level and low-skilled jobs with meagre payment.

Apart from Goans resorting to the hotel, cleaning jobs or even airport jobs, if well-versed with English along with a driver’s license, then it is possible to get a job as a driver. These jobs sometimes, fail to make the ends meet as expenses like food an accommodation must also be managed. 

The living conditions are sometimes pathetic with shared accommodation due to high rents. There are also cases of basic amenities like toilet facilities, missing for the Goans.  Life becomes hard and competitive for Goans in the UK.

Sometimes even the work environment tends to be tough for the Goans. With a cultural as well a financial gap, it becomes a bit hard for them to cope up with their ways. Many of the times, these issues take an ugly turn and prove to be detrimental. 

One such incident was reported in the year 2018, wherein, John Rodrigues, the 35-year-old youth from Cuncolim died in the Bahamas after a fall due to the negligence of management of sailing Cruise Company he was working. According to Goa Prism, the accident took place on the intervening night of Sunday and Monday based on the Indian time and revealed that timely medical attention could have saved the life of youth but the pathetic work environment and lack of proper medical facilities lead to a death of Goan youth while on duty.

It is sad to learn that the life that came to support his family was lost due to the negligence of people around. Work and living conditions have a huge impact on a person when he or she moves out to a new land. They not only determine their physical but psychological well-being as well. 

Many cases like this have been reported in the past. A lot of times, Goans are given false promises of a good job in the UK and are lured into the country. They are then threatened to provide money and are also put into work for illegal rackets.

Goans contribute to the UK economy, and have made the country their second home. It is the duty of the UK Government to take measure for the safety and security of these Goan migrants. Apart from this, the companies and organisations must take up actions to improve the work environment for its employees and also ensure their safety.

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