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Planning to move to Goa? – Scroll down for some tips to consider before moving on! 

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Goa Move
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For urban Indians dreaming of a better life, Goa has for decades held a distinct allure because of its laid back culture, its melting-pot crowds, sun kissed summers and rain-lashed monsoons — all of which can become the very things you find most challenging if you move there.

Often considered as the “Pearl of the East”, Goa is a vibrant and peaceful place full of colour and life that is worth moving into. Known for its beautiful sandy palm fringed beaches, warm sunsets, tropical climate, seafood, ample of leisure activities, Goa is that one place which is totally worth of you spending some bucks out of your pocket. 

To help you in your move- out , here are some important tips that you should be aware of , for a smooth hassle free move out. 

Mixing with the society

In Goa, communities are smaller. For a while you will be a curiosity, but after sometime you’ll need to make the efforts to fit into the community you are now a part of. Cooperating with the neighbours is the essence of survival. This means making compromises, adjustments, making an effort — much of which is not expected of you in the larger metros. Neighbours are friendly but you have to set aside time for the community, play your part in the community’s activities too. There is a latent tension between the newcomers and the locals which occasionally ends up in confrontation and makes everyone involved very unhappy. The best way to make up is being empathetic, understanding and respecting each other’s sensibilities. 

Prepare for darker, no network days

Power supply in Goa is not as consistent as the major cities. Power breakdowns can happen anytime of the day be it in the morning or night. Also steady mobile and broadband access is still hard to find in some parts of the state. If instead, you choose to stay in a house which is less remote, you won’t face these problems.

Small tasks can stretch out testing your patience. 

Many people struggle because they don’t have the convenience they’re accustomed to in the mega cities, where plumbers, electricians, carpenters and grocery delivery all turn up at the door like genies. That’s not going to happen in Goa. Everything requires a relationship — and even , the plumber tells you when he’s free, not the other way around. You will have to adjust your own time to suit theirs. 

Try out the scenic routes home instead of the traffic jammed main roads once in a while . 

Though Goa is not a very busy state compared to other metropolitan areas, sometimes the roads can get traffic filled, mostly during school and office -off hours. And main roads are often dug up, being expanded or repaired. In times like this you can try out other off map routes or footpaths that will lead to your destination. 

Goa’s famous “Susegad “ living

Susegad – which comes from the Portuguese word ‘sossegado’ for ‘quiet’ – refers to the laidback attitude of Goans, who seem to live in a perennial state of contentment. “You’ll have to wait until evening now,”, “we ‘re closed now” are phrases you will hear often if you want to get something done in afternoon or lunch time in Goa. Almost nothing in Goa is open between 1-5 pm where the offices and vendors take Susegad and switch off from the heat outside. So even if your work is an emergency it’ll have to wait . 

Laid back Goa is much less of a culture shock than other parts of India and offers a good introduction to the subcontinent whilst still having that special Indian magic, the fascinating, captivating Indian culture that never fails to surprise, endear and amaze the people who move into Goa. 

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