Why is Parrikar Continuing to be the CM of Goa Despite his deteriorating Health?

It has been an unsteady boat ride for Goans for months now. Everyone knows that Mr. Parrikar has been suffering from Pancreatic cancer for several months, which is now in its advanced stage. Despite going through all that pain, he has not given up his position as the Chief Minister of Goa and continues to be there doing all his duties right from his hospital bed. There is so much written in the media about Mr. Parrikar and his greed for the CM’s chair. But do you know what may be the reason behind the decision of not giving up his position?

Portuguese Passport Scam – Companies Deceiving The Distant Dream Aspirants

As the per constitution of India the dual citizenship is now allowed, but despite of that many of the Goans are running after the Portuguese passport, in the hope of acquiring a brighter future out of their comfortable homes. Unfortunately, not all achieve success in their endeavors. The indefinite numbers of Goans that have moved to the UK are immense, these Goans after gaining Portuguese citizenship mainly settle down in London, Swindon and Leicester, not only do they leave to the UK but also leave for gaining employment in the UAE.

Tapan Acharya – Small Town Boy Turned Movie Star of Goa

A small town village boy coming from a village called Huliye in Canacona, Tapan Acharya’s story is different from the usual children. While most other parents encouraged their children to become doctors or engineers, Tapan’s father was more aware of his son’s potential. He wanted his son to become an actor. Now isn’t that a kind of father you would like to have! Only when your roots are firmly embedded in the ground can you rise high and beyond. Well, Tapan’s parents supported his passion, and he strongly believes he couldn’t have managed as much as he has today without the strong fatherly force urging him to go for it.

Conservation of Turtle Nests at the Goan Beaches – Awareness and Protection

The Turtle nesting on Goa beaches has been part of its environment ecosystem before 1991. But due to the surge in Tourism, witnessed in the last ten years (specifically in the last five years where the jump is massive), has negatively impacted these Eco-sensitive zones. Since then, the forest department along with support from the government, and the locals have made numerous efforts for its conservation.

Rajesh Dempo – Taking the Dempo Legacy forward on a self-made path

The Dempo’s have been part of Goa’s industrial ecosystem for two generations. Their contribution to the Goan state economy and the community has been immense. The entire generation has been working tirelessly with just one aim in mind – development and growth of the people of Goa. Following on the footsteps of his father, Shri. Vishwasrao Dempo, Rajesh Dempo, is extending the Dempo Empire, taking it to new heights, but with a purpose.

Nandini Raikar – Canvassing a Self-Made Fine Artist

Art is a mode of expression by an artist. It is a way of communicating using only brush strokes and colours. Not everyone possesses the skills, the emotions, to connect with your inner-self and to be able to brush the most vibrant coloured yet deep stories on the canvas. Nandini Raikar, a gifted artist, has a remarkable talent to express the deepest of human emotions and it’s connected with nature on the canvas. Her style of work is quite extraordinary and noteworthy. Her strokes of colours are quite vivid that express a deep connect of humans with nature. In May, Achies Art Gallery displayed her masterpieces at a solo exhibition that gained a lot of appreciation and recognition.

Aditya Challa – A pioneer in ‘Brewing’ a new ‘Craft’ in the land of Feni

India is primarily a lager beer preferring market. Craft Beer is a relatively new entrant. But despite IPA having a good history, it hasn’t gained as much popularity. India is gradually witnessing preference and boom in the craft brew pubs (around 100 numbers) in India with the emergence of players like Bira 91 and White Rhino to a great fanfare in metros apart from pre-existing ones.

Startups to become the backbone of Goa Business’s Ecosystem

It is a misconception that Goa only offers people with the sun, sand, siestas and sundowners. No siree! You will be amazed by the number of startups that are springing up in this coastal paradise, completely overhauling the business sector and taking it to the digital age. Fortunately, Goa offers an ideal work-life balance and the perfect environment for innovation. With the rapidly improving connectivity and infrastructure and a supportive state government, Goa is slowly becoming a ‘Startup Paradise’.

Sao Joao: A safe way to enjoy

Sao Joao is a festival celebrated every year during cooling monsoon season. This particular festival is celebrated in honour of the feast of St. John the Baptist on 24th June. People of Goa enjoy this festival to the core of their heart. Ladies dress in colourful clothes with a garland of flowers, a lei or coronets around their crown. Some even prepare the garland with tiny plums and other fruits. Men and women both participate in various activities while it is raining. There are rain dances, water games of hitting each other with garlic flowers or soft plastic hammers and most important of all jumping and swimming in the wells. It is considered to be the rejoicing time of the year.

Natasha Palha – ‘Serving’ the Best Shot on the ‘Court’

There are just a handful of sportspersons in Goa who have made a name at the national and international level in sports. Natasha Palha is one of them and her name echoes in the Indian Tennis arena. She is reaching heights of success at a young age, and her dedication and passion are to watch out for. Being focused and determined to reach the 300 WTA ranking, she is currently training in one of India’s leading institutes in Pune. Natasha has made a name not only for herself but also for the state of Goa. At 580 in the WTA ranking (as of April 14, 2017), she is the sixth best among the Indian women’s singles players. Natasha is called Goa’s Serena Williams in the making and has won the Doubles titles in Cairo and Gwalior last year.

5 Popular Goan Songs, and The Meaning Behind Them!

Goan songs have a great work of art and simplicity within them. Over the years people have enjoyed the tunes and lyrics of the Konkani songs sung by famous Goan singers. Not only do these songs bring out the joy in their rhythm, but deep meaning and experience play a mystery role behind them. These songs are sung time and again at different festivals, public gatherings, and Goan weddings. Here are a few songs on the list that will give you an insight of the story behind it.

The 5 Secret and Private Beaches of Goa That You May Not be Aware of

It is pretty sure that we have visited all the beaches in Goa, but not ALL!!! There many more beaches that we are yet unaware of. The suspense lies in every corner of the universe and so does in Goa. Some beaches have been unknown to people while some are private beaches. Let’s take a look at these beaches so that your next visit in Goa can be more fun.

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