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Goa Tourism Plans Roadshows in 11 Countries to Attract International Tourists

The state's tourism department is investing 6.5 crores to organise roadshows in 11 countries to attract international tourists and enhance competitiveness in the global
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International Tourists in Goa
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The state’s tourism department has planned roadshows in 11 different countries by spending over 6.5 crores in order to attract international tourists and to compete in the international tourism market. The roadshows are planned in countries such as Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, U.S.A., Japan, Qatar, Australia, Austria, South Korea, Spain, and Portugal.

“The main objective of organizing international tourism roadshows is to promote and market Goa as a safe and world-class tourism destination in order to make sure that there is a sustained flow of tourists into Goa by competing in international markets. The tourism department aims at attracting international tourists to Goa for various segments of tourism by taking part in these roadshows. The department aims to attract tourism to segments like the first itinerary travellers; meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions(MICE); wellness; leisure; medical tourism, and monsoon tourism. The department will formulate a strategy to achieve these tourism goals.

An agency will be appointed by the tourism department for the management of the roadshows. The roadshows by the tourism department also will provide a platform for Goan tour operators, travel agencies, hoteliers, etc to promote their tourism products to potential tourists. Besides this, the department also aims to depict Goa and India as excellent destinations for travel.

The department has also centred its strategies once again toward a more responsible form of tourism following the reopening of tourism in July 2020 after it was shut for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Tourism Master Plan and Policy 2020 is also another reason for the restructuring of the tourism strategy by the Goa tourism department.

Because of the size of Goa and its environmental vulnerability, it is intended to promote high-quality tourism by showcasing its unique natural attractions, rich heritage, unexplored villages, and experiences apart from its beautiful beaches, said the tourism department. The roadshows will promote things beyond what Goa is commonly known for i.e., beaches, carefree spirit, and parties. The department wants to attract more responsible tourists who wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for quality services and experiences. Attracting tourists into different tourism segments by promoting cultural heritage and natural attractions is another one of the goals of these roadshows.

The Goa tourism department plans roadshows in 11 different countries to promote tourism to Goa. The department aims to attract responsible tourists to Goa by promoting its niche beauties. It will also be a platform for tour operators to promote their tourism products.

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