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Spike In Covid Cases In The UK, Some Countries Ban Flights, Will India Follow The Suit?

The new developments may not affect the tourism industry in Goa since it is more dependent on the domestic tourism.
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Spike In Covid Cases
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The covid cases in India has come down substantially due to the mass vaccination but this is not same with the other countries. The cases in China and Britain has started rising once again with United Kingdom showing a huge spike of around 50 thousand cases on Wednesday alone, India decided to Set the New Guidelines For The International Travellers. 

According to the reports, Delta plus cases have sparked in the UK with the number of cases going up from 43,000 on Tuesday to 49,130 on Wednesday, it looks like the bad old days are back once again, and Morocco has banned all the flights coming down from the UK.

It may be recalled that the airlines were getting ready to resume the operations outside the bubble  by flying between India and the UK but looking at the spike in the cases of new covid variant, India may also follow the Morocco. 

Goa Opened up For Tourism

After achieving the 100% vaccination goal, as decided, the Goa CM had announced opening the borders for International tourism, by allowing the chartered flights from UK and Russia from October 15th. 

“Goa will have a Good Tourism season this year, especially with International flights to the country scheduled to resume from 15th November,” said Dr Pramod Sawant adding that the permission will be granted only to the chartered flights while rest of the people will be able to travel from 15th November onwards. 

The tourism industry in Goa is highly dependent on the business from the International markets and resumption of the international flights had brought a big relief amongst the tourism stakeholders of Goa. 

The new development may alter or affect the travel plans but it will surely not affect the Goa’s tourism Industry as it is now dependent more on the domestic tourism and that will not stop regardless of the changes in the international inbound flights.  

India Sets New Guidelines for International Travellers

The Indian government has decided to take the cognisance of the spike in Covid cases in the UK and based on that it has released a new guidelines. 

On October 20th, the Government of India released new guidelines for foreign travellers, signaling a growing comfort with international travel. Different sets of rules have been put into place based on whether the passengers are arriving from “at-risk” countries or not and will come into effect from October 25th.

Mandatory Rules For the Travellers 

Every traveler, travelling from international arena into India will have follow the basic rules irrespective of their nationality.   

1. Submission of self-declaration form on the online Air Suvidha portal before the start of travel.

2. A negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test was taken at most 72 hours before the journey, and the certificate was uploaded on the portal.

3. Submission of a declaration concerning the authenticity of the report.

According to the new development anyone who is not filling up the self declaration form available on the Air Suvidha Portal, and upload the RT-PCR test report will not be allowed to board the airline. 

Two Groups of Countries

The Indian government has divided the countries into two groups based on their existing position in the Covid cases and will further mandate their On-Arrival protocols and these two groups are…

Group A Low Risk Countries

The group A will include the countries that India has reciprocal arrangements for mutual acceptance of WHO approved Covid-19 vaccines, and those that provide fully-vaccinated Indians, with Nationally recognized or WHO recognized vaccines, quarantine-free travel. 

The 11 countries in this category are the UK, France, Germany, Nepal, Belarus, Lebanon, Armenia, Ukraine, Belgium, Hungary, and Serbia.

Group B At Risk Countries

The travellers from this category of countries will have to adhere to the additional guidelines upon their arrivals in India. Those are ….  

The countries in Europe, the UK, South Africa, Brazil, Bangladesh, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe.

Additional Measures For Travellers From Other Countries

Besides the above sets of the rules for the above two categories of the countries, there will be an additional measures will be applied to the travellers from the other countries not mentioned in the above list and classified At-risk will will be allowed to leave the airport but they will have to monitor their health for 14 days post arrival (Quarantine) 

The Return of The Mask

The Mask mandate is on its way back since the last vaccination drive in the UK most of the population had stopped using the Masks completely. The National Health Service Confederation is on its way to re-implement the strict Covid guidelines that had been lifted and have been almost forgotten.   

According to the reports, The Face Covering is going to be the mandatory in the public and enclosed places. The British have mostly thrown away their masks, never widely worn to begin with. They won’t be in a hurry to put them on again.

The report says if the Masks don’t return then the Covid will surely return with, 100,000 cases on daily basis by the winter.  

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