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Saying that Tourism Minister Babu Azgaonkar does not understand the tourism industry, the tourism stakeholders have shown their discontent over the statement of Babu and his intention to bring the legislation to cap hotel tariffs and prices of food served in hotels. The hospitality industry in Goa that already facing the brunt of the dip in sales of rooms in the main season time, does not have any place for such action from tourism minister.
It is pretty sure that we have visited all the beaches in Goa, but not ALL!!! There many more beaches that we are yet unaware of. The suspense lies in every corner of the universe and so does in Goa. Some beaches have been unknown to people while some are private beaches. Let’s take a look at these beaches so that your next visit in Goa can be more fun.
Goa is a land of magic, its mesmerizing beauty captivates the senses of people who visit this place. According to the author of this article, who visited Goa for the first time, Goa captures to all the five senses, you can really see, hear, smell, taste, and feel it. That is something beyond the imagination of the common man, but the author’s perception of Goa is completely based on her journey to the land of the Portuguese Era.   
The beautiful island of Divar is surrounded by the Mandovi river, that creates mesmerizing scenes. Due to the abundance of water, the island is lush green. Growing up near the island, I have always found myself being more attracted to the waters of this heavenly island than the usual beaches, also because it is the best place to go for fishing mud crabs, although there are crocodiles lurking in the waters. But not to worry about it, as they are averse and afraid of humans, they will stay away.
Goa is a tiny State in India, yet a tourist destination par excellence. Goa Tourism’s persistent efforts at marketing and promotion of the State in recent years have borne rich dividends. Receiving more than 6 million tourists, both domestic and foreign who come to experience its natural beauty, tourism adventure activities, festival and cultural tourism and a lot more 365 days of the year, has rightly earned recognition to the State as the Most Preferred Destination for tourists in India, by none other than the Google India report which was released this week. The report is based on searches conducted by Indians between February and April 2017.
The concept of shopping in Goa started taking shape in real sense for the tourist with the introduction of FLEA MARKETS concept in remote areas of Goa where hippies, as well as the Indian gypsies, started selling their stuff at exorbitant rates compared to its prevailing prices in the marketplace but the foreigners would not mind buying it since the conversion rates of their currency to Indian rupees has always benefited them.
Goa has always been portrayed as a tourism destination of Sun, Sea, and Siesta, you will find this in most of the commercials either TV, Theatre or Online. The main reason behind this is an existence of a western influence prevailing into this state. You will find most of the domestic tourists moving around the state wearing western outfits which normally they may not do in their respective states.
The article was first published in Goa Prism and based on that, World’s most expensive and luxurious train is scheduled to run on the Goan tracks from the coming monsoon. This development is a part of the proposed extension of the existing Indian Railway route to the Southern India by the Union Railway Ministry of India.
Many Goans, either for shopping or business keeps frequenting to Dubai which is one of the most sought after tourism destination in the Gulf Countries. But if you are having any travel plans in the near future, then you must read this article carefully. This feature article is all about the recent development that has taken place in this month in regards to the luggage one carries while traveling to Dubai. According to the sources, Dubai government have done some major changes in the luggage rules at Dubai Airport. The new rule will come into the force from March 8, 2017, said the sources.