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7 Things You Must Do on Your Trip to Goa

There are hundreds of things you can do when you visit Goa since it is the most happening place in the country, People from
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There are hundreds of things you can do when you visit Goa since it is the most happening place in the country, People from all over the world travel to Goa to spend some quality time. Here we have compiled seven most important things that you can do on your trip to Goa.

One does not need an introduction as to what Goa is all about. This hippie destination is most coveted by people in the country and around the world. The serene beaches, crazy parties, marvellous architecture along with appetizing cuisine and hospitable people, what more could one ask for? Everyone at one point of their life plans to visit Goa. Thanks to the movies who dubbed this state as a non-stop party destination, but Goa is much more to this.

The tiny state has its own unique culture that is a blend of the Eastern and Western worlds. The way of life is Goa is much more laid back and people of this state love to enjoy. This place is surely must to experience in your lifetime. If planning on visiting Goa for the first time, here are some tips that would come in handy. The state has so much to explore and experience and we hope that these tips will help you make most of your trip here.

Explore the Beaches: As cliché as this sound, Goa is popular for its beaches and sunsets. You can explore these scenic beaches around Goa at both the North and the Southside. The most famous beaches of this state are Vagator, Anjuna and Baga but we advise you to not concentrate only on these beaches as they no longer have the vibes and beauty it used to have. Besides, these popular beaches are crowded most of the time. Take time to explore other beaches and enjoy the sunsets while you stay

Savor the Goan Cuisine: known for its seafood, the Goan cuisine is delicious and appetizing. According to Culture Trip, many cultures have influenced the cuisine of Goa, creating a fusion of Portuguese, Brazilian, Arab, French, African, Konkan, Chinese, Malaysian and Malabar flavours to tantalize the taste buds. So, on your trip to this enchanting beach town, do savour the Goan cuisine Goan fish curry, pork vindaloo, bebinca (Goan dessert), sorpotel, etc. Do not leave without trying the local liqueur, Feni which is a spirit made of coconut or cashew nuts.

Party like an Animal: Goa in no doubt is the one-stop if you want to party the nights away. The party hub destination, this coastal state attracts millions of tourists in the year-end due to its amazing parties. If you want to experience this, there are many nightclubs available like Titos, Capetown, Mojos. But if you are looking forward to experiencing the psychedelic trance party, put a halt in Vagator, Anjuna or Baga. These places host a party almost every night. All you have to do is ask around where the next party is at.

Shop and Bargain: Goa has many markets. These markets are a whole new other experience. They have all varieties of things to choose from: from handicrafts, antiques to spices, carpets, wooden toys and tea. They have it all. Customers often bargain their way to a desirable price. The beauty of the market and the indigenous goods are a must to check out. Apart from this, Goa also has flea markets that are set-up by the hippies near the beaches of Anjuna, Vagator and Arambol. As soon as the sunsets, the beach adorns itself with music, dance and vibes of these hippies which is sure to make one cherish every moment there.

Try offbeat experiences: Goa has so much more to offer than just beaches and parties. The buildings, heritage, and the greenery of the place are sure to leave a mark on the people. Try visiting the heritage sites of Goa and learn its history. Goa is home a variety of species of birds and animals. The Spice plantations, the forts and Churches of Goa showcase another side of this state that is as beautiful as its sun-kissed beaches. If you’re looking for some adventure, be sure to try Kayaking, Scuba diving, Jet-skiing and many more adventure water sports to choose from.

Rent a Scooter: Transportation in Goa is usually low but when it comes to cabs, it becomes expensive.  It is advised to rent a scooter while you’re travelling. The cost of the rental may range from 200-400 rupees per day. You can also use the bus or even rent a car for travelling but many places can only be accessed with help of scooters. Always carry your driving permit with you. Helmets are mandatory, so make sure to get one along with your bike.

Be safe and Take Precaution: Although Goa is comparatively much safe than other destinations, it always has to be made sure that one is safe and take necessary precautions. Keep an eye on your belongings, and carry pepper sprays if possible, avoid drinking and driving and also stay away from drugs. It is important to practice caution at all times if at a party do not accept drinks from strangers. And if in danger, seek help at the nearest shop or have emergency numbers with you.

On the side note, make sure to carry your sunscreen, book accommodations prior and also plan your itinerary well before visiting Goa. Try to make the most of your journey and explore every side of Goa while here. Avoid creating nuisances, drinking in public places, throwing trash out and also be respectful with your clothes and behaviour with the locals. Be a responsible tourist whilst enjoying what the state offers. Have a Happy Stay!

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