5 Reasons Why Clear Aligners Can be a Smart Choice For Teeth Straightening

Clear Aligners
Clear Aligners For Dental Straightening

Did you know that braces are not your only choice when it comes to having perfectly straight teeth? The need for an attractive smile motivates a lot of people to consider straightening their teeth. However, the appearance of the traditional metal braces can keep them on the fence. Clear aligners deliver the same beautiful results as braces minus the brackets, wires, and bands. It is a reliable and discreet way to achieve your dream smile. To know why clear aligners could be the perfect solution for you, keep reading!

1. They are clear or nearly invisible

The aligners are transparent, thin, plastic-like trays, rendering them practically invisible and allowing the person to achieve a straight smile inconspicuously. Tooth-colored attachments are also mounted on the teeth to help direct the teeth into position.

2. Aligners allow you to eat the food of your choice

One of the many advantages of using transparent aligners is that, unlike conventional fixed braces, aligners are removed at mealtimes. This means that you can enjoy your favourite foods and drinks. Removing the aligners prevents them from being damaged while chewing or stained by strong coloured foods.

3. Easier to maintain good oral hygiene

When you have traditional braces, it can be difficult to brush your teeth properly. Food is trapped in places that are hard to reach, which can lead to poor oral hygiene. Since clear aligners are removable, just remove the trays when you’re ready to brush, clean your teeth, and pop them back in once done. The trays can be washed and cleaned as well! 

4.  Fewer dental visits

Compared to conventional braces, patients with transparent aligners need less frequent visits because there are no changes to be made and no bent wires and brackets requiring repairs. Individuals undergoing aligner treatment are given several sets of trays that they can change on their own.

5.  They are more comfortable

Made of fine plastic, aligners are lightweight. They are customised to your teeth and have a smooth surface. Traditional braces have brackets and wires that can scratch soft tissue inside the mouth. 

If you think you’d feel self-conscious with your wires and brackets, clear aligners can be the ideal alternative to conventional orthodontic treatment. Speak with your dentist to find out if your orthodontic condition is suitable for aligner therapy.


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