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Pallavi Salgaocar – Success is a Mix of Opportunity and Effort

Pallavi runs a very successful bakery business called ‘Desserts and More’ and having established her business, she is also a part of Goa Chamber
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Pallavi Salgaonkar
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Business is no longer dominated by men alone as women are now equal stakeholders in the business fraternity: a trend in all developed countries. Today India is a shining example of empowerment of women to hoist them in to the business world. Pallavi Salgaocar belongs to a business politico family but instead of staying in her comfort zone, she set out to make a name for herself. Today Pallavi runs a very successful bakery called ‘Desserts and More’ and having established her business, she is also a part of Goa Chamber of Commerce’s women’s wing. A commerce graduate and chartered accountant by profession, Pallavi has come a long way to become one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in Goa.

Pallavi was born and brought up in Bicholim. “I lived in Bicholim and have done my preliminary schooling at Our Lady of Grace High School, Bicholim and then my College at S.S Dempo College of Commerce and Economics, Panjim. I had gone to Mumbai to pursue my Chartered Accountancy course and have completed the same in both Mumbai and Goa,” said Pallavi adding that she personally wanted a different kind of coaching in CA so was in Mumbai for 1 ½ years and the rest she did in Goa.”

Successis a perfect mixture of opportunities and self-effort and nothing comes easy to anyone which was the same for Pallavi. “It is a fact that I come from a very well do family and luckily also got married into a similar  family. I am married to Dr. Sagar Salgaocar, an Executive Director of Geno Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, and we have a 14-year-old son, Shivam. Opportunities have come my way, but I have also worked hard for them. I am the Executive Finance Director in Geno Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. I am also on the board of directors of The Bicholim Urban Co-op Bank: one of the most prestigious Co-op banks of Goa,” said Pallavi 

Every journey that begins with fiery passion almost always ends up being a successful venture. Pallavi’she cake-making business was derived from her passion for desserts. . “Cooking, especially desserts, has been my hobby & I have also written a book “Desserts First” which is dedicated to all sweet lovers and those who love to whip up quick and easy desserts for family & friends; now retailing at book stores across the state,” she said. Pallavi first started abakery business with “Dainty Delights” : a division of Geno Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd and retailing under the brand name of ‘Desserts N More’. “We sell pastries, cakes, savories, bread, chocolates, cookies & health foods. Currently, ‘Desserts N More’ has four outlets at Alto Mapusa, Caculo Mall Panjim, Calangute Sussegado and Bakery Outlet at Tivim Industrial Estate, Mapusa. We also retail our products with suppliers at Bicholim, Sanquelim, Porvorim,  Dodamarg, Calangute, Anjuna, and Valpoi. We supply cookies across the state in both North and South Goa. Desserts N More bakery products are made in a state-of-the-art bakery in Tivim Industrial Estate,” she added.

Business owers are often social butterflies and Pallavi also has a large social circle. “Both my maiden family as well as my husband’s side, are all involved in social activities. Naturally, I also have been involved in these activities. At the Rotary Club, I was the Secretary a year and there too we had done a lot of social projects and I do like working in this social sphere for the people,” she said.

Pallavi always had a flair for cooking and when she went to Pune with her husband who was doing his internship there, she decided to learn baking. When we came back down to Goa, I was just doing this at home where I would try to create different kinds of dishes. One day, I decided to start a website of my own for the supply of sweets,” said Pallavi adding that later in she decided to write a book and that is how Dessert First was published. The concept of Desserts N More was born out of her first venture in which she partnered with another lady. “But after a period of 1 year, it didn’t work out so we both decided to go our separate ways. My husband decided to help me start a bakery of my own and the rest is history,” she added.

Today Desserts N More is in almost  every city in Goa. “We have a concept called “The Desserts N More Family” and this way we have a network of suppliers. We only have one franchisee in Valpoi but the rest are all suppliers who are part of the Desserts N More family. We are prominently located only in North Goa. We have this network of suppliers through which we supply our goods,” narrated Pallavi. According to Pallavi, they do not have a presence in South Goa but they are looking to expand.

Being a woman means juggling family life with work and Pallavi  had to manage all her responsibilities along with her duties. She credits her effectivetime management to do this without any hiccups. “The first thing is time management, and second and most important is the support of the family. I think without the support of the family, nothing is possible. My husband has also been very supportive and without which I would not have been out of the house and done such a task,” said Pallavi adding that “It is indeed a demanding job to be a mother and tackle the business aspects of things as well, and it has a lot to do with the support of people and time management of oneself.”

Presently Pallavi is Chairperson of Women’s Wing at GCCI (Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry). “I was there for a period of 4 years under Ms. Jennifer Kamat, and later on Mr. Manoj Caculo offered me the opportunity to become the chairperson at the GCCI, and I took it up as a challenge,” said Pallavi, adding that it’s been around 3 months that she has taken over this position, and she started the Women’s Facilitation Centre. “We help women who need assistance with business activities. They have to only write an email, and right now we’re only doing it through the written process. This is not only for the women part of the GCCI but for anyone who is seeking assistance. Anyone who wants advice we are willing to provide the same, there is no monetary funding aspect to this as of now other than just guiding them in the right direction if they need the financial help.”

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