Home to pristine beaches, amazing vibes, and beautiful buildings, Goa is in every way a Tourist’s Paradise. The heritage and culture of the state are unique and unlike any other state in the country. The coastal state is famous worldwide for its parties and beaches. Domestic as well as International tourists flock to Goa to spend their vacation and relax among the serene beaches or party nights away.

From the past few decades, Goa has been ruling as the most desired destination for Indian and international tourists. This state received millions of tourists per year and the tourism industry was a major source of revenue. Realizing the potential of this destination, several improvements in facilities and infrastructure were made to facilitate the industry. But surprisingly, Goa has undergone various changes ever since it gained popularity. Now many tourists argue that Goa isn’t the same anymore. What is that made Goa become the less popular destination? To know more read on.

Goa was first known for its vibes and liberal nature among the hippies. The Hippie movement proved to be a driving force for the tourism industry to take momentum. It was during the early 60s that foreigners started visiting Goa and decided to settle around the beaches of Goa. Apart from this, Goa itself has been influenced by Portuguese dominance that has resulted in its infusion to the culture of Goans. This was why foreigners felt at home in Goa.

Domestic tourists drink and enter into fights on the beach

Goa as a state has been blessed with everything a tourist destination needs: Scenic beaches, breath-taking waterfalls, and landscapes, along with an interesting past. These have been the driving forces for attracting tourists. The monuments around Goa speak of the grandeur of their Portuguese rulers and have given the state a charm like no other.

With the growing modernization and overtaking of the hippie movement; parties, alcohol, and drugs became a thing of this state. This attracted people around the world as Goa took initiatives to host amazing parties. The liberal nature of the state was an added advantage for young folks to feel free to dress up and even booze.

Goa as a tourist destination attracted many budget travelers and backpack travelers who focus on cheap accommodation, food and drinks and less of luxury facilities. The coastal state attracted good quality tourists who did not harm the environment nor disrupt the peacefulness of the people around them. In the past, Goa was just known as the laid-back state that is perfect for the holidays.

Goa Losing quality tourists with time

But as mentioned earlier, Goa is not the same anymore. In the recent few years, this state has seen a rise in the criminal activities like drug and sexual abuse, human trafficking, hooliganism, robberies and even inappropriate behavior among the locals as well as the tourists. The hike in prices of transport, accommodation, food and beverage and even entry fees for parties have affected this industry adversely.

The state that attracted harmless and peace-loving tourists now attract more domestic tourists who mainly visit here to booze and party. This has led them to believe that every bikini-wearing woman on the beach is available and has resulted in several inappropriate behaviors.

The nuisances created by the tourists after drinking has disrupted the peace and security of the locals as well as other tourists. Goa has somewhere lost a track of its direction and the tourism is no more the same in the state.

The state has observed a sharp decline in the tourist influx in recent years. And people no more find Goa appealing and safe due to these cases. It would not be wrong to say that Goa’s sun in tourism has been slowly setting. Tourism as a backbone for the state’s economy is crucial to the thriving but with these activities occurring, the future if Goa’s tourism is needless to say bleak.


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