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Why is Drinking in Public Banned in Goa?

If you are coming to Goa, be sure not to drink in public places as it’s completely banned across the state and punishable with
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If you are coming to Goa, be sure not to drink in public places as it’s completely banned across the state and punishable with a fine, a jail term or both. Further, if you get caught drinking in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ll have to shell out big money and may also need a lawyer to bail you out. Now the question is why has drinking in public been banned? Is it a right or wrong rule to have been implemented? 

Recently, the Goa government has banned drinking in public and according to reports published in Incredible Goa, the Tourist Places (Protection and Maintenance) (Amendment) Act of 2019 was legislated by the government by approval from governor Mridula Sinha.

The act says that drinking and cooking in public places will attract a fine ranging from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 10000 and the same will also be punishable.

According to the Times of India, this Act will prohibit consumption of liquor and cooking food in the open, littering waste including used material, empty bottles etc, breaking glass bottles and other such activity as may be specified by the government by notification in the official gazette.

The objective of the legislation is to protect and preserve the tourism potential of popular places in Goa and keep such places clean and free from nuisance.

From the tourists’ point of view, Goa is a merry-making place and there are no rules and regulations in the state. They are of course, wrong but it’s not entirely their fault given that they’re fed with incorrect information in many a magazine or in a film. They see on television commercials, in Hindi movies the image of Goa and the way it is portrayed makes them feel that “Goa Me Sab Chalta Hai” (Everything is possible in Goa). But that’s wrong! 

Drinking and Cooking at Public Places in Goa

Goa is just like any other state in India except that it’s a leading tourist destination, but that does not mean it is a free state and anyone can do anything. 

Goa has its’ own sets of rules and regulations, its’ own police and its’ own society where people live, earn their bread and butter and although tourists are most welcome, they still have to be bound by the rules and regulations of the state.

It is quite possible that stopping tourists from drinking in public may lead to a reduction in foot-flow into the state but it’s a necessity and is made in the interest of tourists and their safety alone. 

The majority of tourists arriving in the state head straight to the beach for a beer or a cocktail, but all too often they end up breaking bottles and littering the beach that results in hazard for others taking walk on the beach, the natural wildlife that exists there and of course, adds to the awful garbage issue.  

Nobody wants rules and regulations whilst on a vacation. Everybody seems to put their fun cap on and forget their responsibilities. But these are bound to cost the host communities of their peace and prove harm for the environment.

Countries and cities, tourist destinations and the like all over the world have rules and regulations to abide by and Goa is no different. It is important to maintain the cleanliness and decency of any place but some tourists have suggested increasing patrolling and taking other measures other than banning drinking on the beaches.

People prefer Goa for its chilled vibes compared to other places like Pondicherry as they can have more freedom.

If you are a resident of Goa, what you would prefer? Tourists drinking in public or on beaches or peaceful tourists enjoying the beauty of Goa and spending quality time with their loved ones? Tell us your views and also let us know if you believe this, why drinking in public should not be banned in Goa.  

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