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Manipal Hospital Goa Makes Strides in Cardiac Care with Revolutionary Procedure

Explore how Manipal Hospital Goa's groundbreaking valve-in-valve TAVR procedure is reshaping cardiac interventions in the Konkan region. Learn about this minimally invasive alternative to
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Cardiac Care
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Embarking on a pioneering journey in cardiac care, Manipal Hospital Goa proudly unveils a groundbreaking feat with the successful execution of the first valve-in-valve TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement) procedure in the Konkan region. Spearheaded by Dr. Nikhil Sontakke, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, this innovative procedure brings forth a monumental advancement in cardiac interventions.

The landmark procedure, termed TAVR in SAVR (inserting a new valve non-surgically in a previously replaced degenerated valve), was performed on a 69-year-old female patient, heralding a significant breakthrough in cardiac medicine. With a history of surgical Aortic and Mitral valve replacements, the patient faced recurrent heart failure symptoms due to degeneration of the replaced Aortic valve. Opting for the pioneering TAVR procedure, she sidestepped the risks associated with a third re-do surgery, embracing a minimally invasive solution.

Mr. Surendra Prasad, Hospital Director & Unit Head of Manipal Hospitals Goa, lauded the achievement, highlighting its pivotal role in showcasing the institution’s commitment to innovation and excellence in patient care. This milestone not only underscores Manipal Hospital Goa’s dedication to patient-centric treatment but also solidifies its position as a premier destination for advanced cardiac interventions in the region.

Under the adept leadership of Dr. Nikhil Sontakke and the collaborative efforts of Manipal Hospital Goa’s esteemed “Heart Team,” including Dr. Divya Mahaldar, Dr. Rakesh Deshmane, Dr. Noel Henriques, and the entire cathlab team, the procedure was executed with precision and expertise. Dr. Sontakke emphasized the significance of this achievement, heralding a paradigm shift in the management of valvular heart disease and offering patients a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgery.

The successful completion of the TAVR in the SAVR procedure not only establishes Manipal Hospital Goa as a pioneering hub for advanced cardiac care in the Konkan region but also opens doors for patients to access innovative treatments without the need to travel outside Goa. Dr. Rakesh Deshmane expressed his enthusiasm, foreseeing a brighter future for patients in need of such complex procedures within the comfort of their own region.

With the patient discharged within four days post-procedure, experiencing complete recovery from heart failure symptoms, this groundbreaking advancement underscores Manipal Hospital Goa’s unwavering commitment to delivering innovative and life-saving treatments to its esteemed clientele.

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