DoE, Goa warns schools against discriminations in school admissions


In view of reports that many schools in the state were denying admissions to children on grounds of conflict with law, Directorate of Education (DoE) has asked all the heads of non government, aided, primary, secondary and higher secondary schools in the state to refrain from denying admissions to the children for having been in conflict with the law. Schools have been told that they are bound to adopt ‘a zero rejection policy’.

In a circular issued to schools, Director of Education Santosh Amonkar said it has been brought to his notice that many schools, within the jurisdiction of the department, are denying admissions or re-admissions to the children who are in conflict of law and or in need of care and protection. 

“This violates provision of the Goa Children’s Act Section IV and Sub-Section II,” he said. He also said that no juvenile child should be discriminated or deprived admission and that zero rejection policy should be followed during the course of the academic year as well as in between the academic year. 

According to the Goa Children’s Act , the state accepts the concept of zero rejection for children. No child shall therefore be denied admission to any school on any ground, including that the name of the father is not available; the absence of relevant documentation; the child is suffering from HIV or AIDS; belongs to marginalised communities; suffers from any illness or that the child is differently abled.


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