After the people’s mandate went against the ruling government in 2017 polls, it was ethically suggested to step down in complete dignity and make way for the another party with the mandate, but completely opposite happened in the case of Goa. With less than one-third of seats in their account BJP under the leadership of Former RM had decided to form the government in Goa knowing the fact that it will be a dependent government, said Mr. Velingkar. According to him, the People of Goa are not happy with this, in fact, the Mentor of BJP himself criticizing the move of senior leaders of the Saffron Party. RSS Chief of Goa Subhash Velingkar has severely criticized the move of Parrikar calling it unethical.
Perhaps, Goans are the most simple and humble people I have come across till date. The kind of hospitality that you will enjoy in Goa will be seldom to get in any other part of the India. Although, Goa is very much part of India but people of Goa are completely different compared to the people in rest of the India. Goans love to dwell in Peace and Harmony. They like to wine and dine and partying whole night. But one thing they don't like at all is the intrusion of unknown people in their personal space. The people of Goa are highly reserved as far as the acceptance of any adaptation is concerned. Basically, they do not like the alterations in the existing system and when someone tries to change their mindset against their will and wishes than that is the end of their relationship with that particular entity. Under such circumstances, the political battle in Goa is spreading the different colours. Along with the existing political parties, the new players also trying to penetrate into the Goan politics. Does this changing face of the politics in Goa will be able to change the mindset of Goans? or the Goans will change the game? This article will give you the comprehensive insight into The Changing Face of Politics in Goa.
Mr Manohar Parrikar will go down in history as one of the most dynamic politicians and strong leaders in the Goan politics because no one would have been capable to bring back the BJP into power despite its drastic loss in the last assembly polls. Nevertheless, the self-motivated leader was out of the public domain for quite some time due to his serious pancreatic ailment and the public saw him the first time when he made his appearance for the inspection of a bridge with a fine plastic tube inserted into his nose. 
Manohar Parrikar is suffering from the pancreatic ailment, and his condition is getting deteriorated with the time, but despite that, he kept on working, but how long, the ailment started taking the toll on his health, and once more he was admitted into GMC. The news of his hospitalization started spreading on social media and some media channels also mentioned that Mr. Parrikar is kept on the life support system. What is the fact what is rumors, let's take a look.
According to the sources, several hundreds of VIPs visit Goa state throughout the year, and based on the protocol these VIPs supposed to have provided with the bulletproof cars, but Goa does not have single bulletproof car to take care of these arrangements, and every time they have to borrow the vehicles from either Karnataka or Maharashtra, said the sources.
There are several speculations about the health of CM Parrikar in the media, and everyone is writing depending on their sources, but one thing is sure that all is not well and the claims have not been made without the support of evidence. The Chief Minister of Goa Mr. Manohar Parrikar was admitted into the GMC (Goa Medical College) following some complications and was kept under observation. The sources have said that all the speculations have started due to the concealed information.   
This is not shocking news nor any kind of surprise in the state where the power-hungry politicians are ready to change their league for the sake of ministry, it happened in the past several times and it will happen in the future too. There are so-called rumors making rounds in the political arena that two of the MGP MLAs are on their way to join the BJP soon later this week.
The word Code of Conduct comes into the use only during the time of the election, and in very simple words, it means a restriction on various things related to the government and lawmakers during the time of elections. But the question is why this code of conduct comes into the force and how it affects the common man.
Water and air are said to be free from nature but in today’s world everything has a cost and selling water is one of the biggest business in the present scenario. The capital city is longing for every drop of the water since last 6 days there is no water supply due to pipeline burst at Ponda. The government has made the provision of tankers for the people of Panaji but the water does not reach to the common man and in this also the VIP Culture comes out as the winner.
While the common man has to stand in long queues for hours to get cards under the Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana (DDSSY) renewed in order to avail of health insurance, the government spends crores of rupees on the health of its ministers and MLAs. Even after having a DDSSY card many people do not get the full benefits and have to spend a big amount from their own pockets in private hospitals just to get treated.
Goa is land of fun Frolic and people from all over the world come to enjoy here, but the overall perception of people from other parts of India about the Goa is, ‘Sab Chalta Hai, (Everything is OK) and they do not want to miss any opportunity to exploit the privilege given to them by the Goans. Something similar seems to have happened in this case. A con man from the Uttar Pradesh came down to Goa and took the administration and police for the ride by enjoying the free stay, VIP protocol at the Government’s cost.  
It has been an unsteady boat ride for Goans for months now. Everyone knows that Mr. Parrikar has been suffering from Pancreatic cancer for several months, which is now in its advanced stage. Despite going through all that pain, he has not given up his position as the Chief Minister of Goa and continues to be there doing all his duties right from his hospital bed. There is so much written in the media about Mr. Parrikar and his greed for the CM’s chair. But do you know what may be the reason behind the decision of not giving up his position?