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How the U P Man Tricked the administration in the State and Enjoyed VIP Protocol?

Goa is land of fun Frolic and people from all over the world come to enjoy here, but the overall perception of people from
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Goa is land of fun Frolic and people from all over the world come to enjoy here, but the overall perception of people from other parts of India about the Goa is, ‘Sab Chalta Hai, (Everything is OK) and they do not want to miss any opportunity to exploit the privilege given to them by the Goans. Something similar seems to have happened in this case. A con man from the Uttar Pradesh came down to Goa and took the administration and police for the ride by enjoying the free stay, VIP protocol at the Government’s cost.  

The news of Uttar Pradesh con man fooling the administration in the state has become the talk of the town. The news went viral on various social media platforms following the arrest of an accused Sunil Singh and his four accomplices. This incident has raised a question mark on the existence of a level of intel in the state of Goa. If one man can fool the police and administration then you can imagine the state of the state security

According to a news report, A con man from UP (Uttar Pradesh) along with his four accomplices came down to Goa and convinced the administration and police that he is a Cabinet Minister of Uttar Pradesh with the help of so-called fake documents and enjoyed the VIP protocol in Goa. The question here is what kind of process the state administration follows to check the authenticity of such people?  

He lived in the official guest house for almost 12 days, took part in various events as a guest of honour and received the state security cover, all this was happening under the nose of the administration and police and no one suspected his acts deception, it rises a question mark on the state’s intelligence. 

According to the PTI reports, the man was provided with the special security by the state administration without any proper verifications he also lived in an official resident along with his associates for almost 10 days and attended few governments functions as a special guest. While all this happening not a single person from the administration could find out his truth.

The Goa Police finally managed to arrest the accused along with his four accomplices who were staying with him in the official guest house. The sources in the PTI said that the accused, Sunil Singh, was arrested after Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant alerted the police about him. After 12 days??

The police investigation revealed that the accused had produced fake documents showing himself as Minister of Cooperation from the Uttar Pradesh and before getting caught he had sought an appointment with the Chief Minister of Goa. “As he had shown his designation as Minister of Cooperation from the Uttar Pradesh government, he was also provided with a personal security officer from the Goa Police,” the official said. 

After his behaviour was found to be suspicious, Mr Sawant brought it to the notice of the Goa Police. “I asked the Crime Branch to arrest the person. He had produced forged letters and e-mails to claim that he was a minister in the Uttar Pradesh government,” Mr Sawant told reporters.

How he managed to get access to the VIP protocol

The story tells that con man from UP came and lived in the official Government residence and enjoyed the VIP status but how he managed to do without the help of someone from the administration? 

According to the reports, a small mistake took place from the side of administration which gave the con man access to the VIP protocol. The report published in the local daily Heraldo revealed that a fake mail received by the department with the NOTE from Minister Govind Gaude that Mr. Singh will be coming to Goa from 18th to 27th December and he should be granted State Guest Status as he will be in Goa to study the co-operative sector in the state. 

The accused later connected with Mr Govind Gaude in Goa who is a cooperation minister in Goa to discuss various issues pertaining to the department. When asked about it, Mr Gawade said, “I was told that he was a state guest and a minister in the UP Cabinet. I didn’t see him for a long time. He was with me for 10 minutes.” 

Mr Gaude told the media that he also found the behaviour of Singh little suspicious. “So when I went back home, I searched for information on him on the internet but could not find anyone with that name. But I couldn’t follow up the matter, as I was busy with other things,” the minister added. 


At this juncture, no one is ready to take the blame of the game and everyone is trying to play safe but one thing is there that mistake happened from the administration side also. The Crime Branch official said Singh and his aides allegedly forged official documents of the UP government but they failed to explain about the so-called fake mail which had a more from Mr Gaude. “We will be seeking help from our UP counterparts in the investigation,” he said. 

The accused also attended a school function in Canacona taluka of South Goa district where he was invited as the chief guest during his stay in the state.

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