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Top Dental Care Tips For Christmas!

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Top Dental Care Tips For Christmas!
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Christmas is here and this is when lots of sweets, chocolates, and candy will fill our homes. It is a period full of tempting dinner invites with family, colleagues, and co-workers. It’s the time when we let our inhibitions go free to enjoy every moment. All of this indulgence will, however, take a toll on your teeth and smile. To ensure you completely enjoy this season, here are a few dental care tips:

1. Have your bebinca, dodol, and other sweets in moderation

A significant part of our Christmas celebrations includes sweets and desserts. Keep track of the number of sweets you eat. Also, have them only during mealtime instead of indulging in them throughout the day.

2. Drink more water

After eating sweets, make sure to grab a glass of water. Drinking water helps to flush out food particles, cleanses your mouth, and removes plaque build-up on your teeth.

3. Don’t miss your routine of daily oral hygiene

During the festive season, the worst thing you can do is let go of your oral hygiene routine for a toss. At the end of a hectic, fun-filled day, do not forget to brush your teeth at night. Using fluoridated toothpaste helps to prevent cavities.

4.  Chew sugar-free gum after consuming sweets

Chewing sugar-free gum keeps the mouth clean and stimulates saliva flow. The increased saliva flow enhances our ability to kill bacteria and avoid cavities.

5. Steer away from coloured foods especially red wine:

Keep away from food that is high in preservatives and artificial colouring. Your pearly whites can be stained by any food that can stain a white cotton t-shirt.

6. Limit alcoholic beverages and aerated drinks

Alcoholic drinks cause mouth dryness and dehydration. People who drink too much will find a reduction in their saliva flow. This may contribute to an increased risk of tooth decay. Sugar and acid are present in aerated beverages and can damage your teeth. 

7. Don’t use your teeth as a tool

We tend to get carried away while decorating and preparing our house for Christmas. We sometimes use our teeth to untie knots, peel wires, open bottles, and lift heavy items. By doing so, we put our teeth at the centre of damage and injury.

8. Do not stress

We all get stressed and anxious about the arrangements before the festival. When we are stressed we unknowingly tend to grind and clench our teeth. This may cause jaw main, muscle fatigue as well as chipping of teeth.

Christmas is a time to enjoy and celebrate to the fullest. Do not allow your dental problems to hold you back from enjoying this festive season. Follow these few fundamental guidelines to have a cavity-free Christmas!

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