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Mark your date on the calendar for 24th June this year to join the most happening family party on Goa’s famous Santa Monica Cruise
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Mark your date on the calendar for 24th June this year to join the most happening family party on Goa’s famous Santa Monica Cruise Boat organized by the Goa’s tourism development body GTDC. According to the information provided by the sources in GTDC the event will run for five hours which will include DJ music, dance performances of the Samba, Salsa and Jive, lime dance, bamboo dance, splash dance, the umbrella song, the Sao Joao festachem pursanv (Festival Procession ) and several competitions like laughter contest, coconut breaking contest, saree draping contests besides the Goff and the magic dress change act.

According to the sources in GTDC, Goa reverberates Sao Joao to the sound of the rain and swings with the whispering winds Goa Tourism Development Corporation is all set to celebrate Sao Joao on June 24, 2016, one of the most popular monsoon festivals in Goa. Sao Joao is the feast dedicated to St. John the Baptist and is celebrated with much fervor and festivity across the State.

Sao Joao programmes on the cruise boat Santa Monica- Bambooo Dance..

According to the legend, Sao Joao is the celebration of the feast of St. John the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus who baptized Jesus Christ in the river of Jordan and this festival is celebrated on the 24th of June every year to mark the event of ‘the leap of joy’ where young men and boys jump into wells and water bodies shouting ‘Viva Sao Joao’..

Based on the Biblical story, Mary, the Mother of God broke the news to her sister Elizabeth that she was going to have a baby named Jesus.  At that time, Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist who jumped with joy in Elizabeth’s womb on hearing the news.

Sao Joao Kopel

This festival adds to the charm of the monsoons where Goans deck up in colorful costumes, wear fruit and flower laden wreaths called Kopel (The Crown) on their heads, move in processions, partake in floats and last but not the least, splash into wells overflowing with rain water.

According to the sources, the event will commence on the Boat from 10am onwards which will conclude at around 3pm. Tickets for the event are priced at Rs 1,800 per couple, Rs 900  per person and children between  5.12 years  will be charged Rs 400 all inclusive of snacks and buffet. Tickets will be available at all GTDC residencies and at the Santa Monica Jetty 0832 2438754, 2437496 or contact Surendra 9881283262, Armando 9881465776 for more details.

Sao Joao programmes on the cruise boat Santa Monica- Umbrella Dance..

Mr. Nilesh Cabral, Hon’ble Chairman of Goa Tourism Development Corporation said, “Goa’s traditional feast Sao Joao is celebrated by GTDC every year on its cruise boat Santa Monica.  This festival is a big draw for tourists to Goa during the monsoons and GTDC ensures that tourists get the real taste of Goa’s traditions and tempting cuisine. This year too, the celebration promises to be exciting and fun-filled and with the monsoons in full gusto, the Sao Joao event organized by GTDC is set for an overwhelming response.”

Source: GTDC Press Note

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