Here in Goa, it has become more of a routine to end up in the same place over time, of course, Goa’s beauty is impeccable. there are so many places to travel to, and sometimes a place can touch your soul so deeply, that you’re all your senses are awakened. Hence, we at Incredible Goa have sorted out a couple of places for you to spend some quality time with your friends, family or just with yourself, to talk and to unwind from a week that has been really hard and stressful. Especially with a large group of friends or family, it is always tough to match up to everyone’s liking. Goa offers you a wide option of chill-out destinations to choose from, and we have sort out places according to the various activities such as feasts, exploring etc.

Sao Jacinto Island


This island is in the estuary of river Zuari. Situated in the northeast of the Dabolim International airport, it is one of those few inhabited places in Goa. It is said that for 30 years in the 20th century, the inhabitants of this island had given a vow not to sell or give any of their properties on lease. This has preserved the beauty and purity of this place. It is a good place for fishing.

This island is made up of trees, old houses and an overlooking white church which can be noticed from the other side of the bridge. This white church is known as the St. Hyacinth that celebrates the feast with great devotion on the last Sunday of September. The view from the Old Portuguese lighthouse on this island is marvellous where you can catch sight of plate corals.

In the middle of the island, there is an old spring which is used by the local people for drinking water. This place can also be reached by boat.  Boat rides are conducted for the tourists on a regular basis. If you have not visited this place yet, you are missing out on a truly amazing view.

Butterfly Beach


This unfrequented and concealed beach of Goa is a masterpiece on its own. Just as the name suggests, this beach is known for the millions of butterflies in that area. The white sand, translucent water, and the stunning aquatic life is something that will truly be a blessing to your eyes.

It is the home to some of the most exotic species of crab, and the sight of beautiful carefree dolphins, a spectacular sight. Also, If you are interested in some water adventure activities, you can go canoe riding along the tiny streams.

This is the perfect paradise beach that you have always fantasized about. There is an aura of calmness and bliss in this place, and if that is what you have been needing then Butterfly Beach is the perfect place for you!

Cola Beach Part 3


In the GEM of South Goa, there are 3 parts to the Cola Beach. The roads to this beach are very rutted, the muddy and uneven roads can cause a little bit of turbulence, but you must know that when you reach the destination, the rocky journey was worth the drive once you reach the destination.

This is honestly the most beautiful and peaceful beaches I have visited so far. The beauty that I am talking about is simply the azure blue water, white sands and the lush green field on the other side of the beach. There are tents which are available for a night stay on pre-booking. The restaurants here serve the most delicious fish curry rice. Good food with a good view! This is a truly amazing place that you must visit.

Natural Spring


If you are from Margao, you should know that this spring is right in your neighbourhood. It is on the outskirts of Verna. You can swim and soak yourself in this natural flowing water. It is one of the places where you would want to sit in the water and get lost in the visual spectacle. Thousands of little bubbles are forced down a rock face and jet up to the surface causing a natural spa.

You can get your free fish pedicure done as you will find innumerable fish.  It is a really fun place for a family picnic or an outing with friends. It’s the perfect place to chill even on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  A refreshing place indeed!

Panjim Marine Drive


The to- be the famous marine drive of Panjim is situated from behind the Campal Indoor stadium till Kala Academy. On the outskirts, rock cobbles and boulders have been put up, not only for the marine drive look but also to prevent the splashing of water. The construction is not yet complete, but a small section of it is open to the public.

It is the perfect place for an early morning walk and some deep meditation. You may stride along the beautiful walkway, you may simply sit and keep admiring at the waves, the rocks, the Reis Magos on the other side of the river, the heavenly breeze and the amazing view. There are benches and lights put along the pathway making it a suitable place for evening/morning walks, picnic spots and a chill out place. I am sure this place will be filled with eating joints too real soon!




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