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No Check on SOPs and Drunken Driving in Goa During New Year Celebration

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No Check on SOPs and Drunken Driving in Goa
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Goa has always remained an exception when it comes to the implementation of the rules and regulations, and this is exactly what happened during the celebration of the New Year in the state. It is not just the parties across the state with no SOPs that went unnoticed by the administration, but there were no checks on the Drunken Drivers too. 

Goa witnessed the complete lack of SOPs during New Years’ Eve with people partying without wearing Masks and Maintaining ZERO Social Distancing. 

According to the report published on the Food and Hospitality portal of Goa, There were no Social Distancing or Masks people used the people during the New Years’ Eve Party celebration in the various places in Goa the videos and pictures went viral on various Social media platforms.

The implementation of the SOPs was completely neglected by the party organizers across the state that includes some of the well known night clubs and Casinos in Goa. The videos of the NYE party shows how the party revelers are not in the mood to follow any SOPs laid down by the health department. 

According to the report published in the Times of India Every year, 300-odd persons are booked for drunken driving on New Year’s Eve but this time that number was Zero. Not only did the state government fail to enforce Covid safety measures on New Year’s Eve, but it also, for the first time in years, didn’t conduct a drive to crack down on drunken driving.

Meanwhile, the traffic cell was directed to keep the traffic regulated to allow the smooth movement of the vehicles in the coastal belts of Goa which witnessed the heavy rush as lots of outstation vehicles had entered Goa to celebrate the new year.   

“We were not doing enforcement per se and not many challans were issued,” said deputy superintendent of traffic, Salim Shaikh. “Traffic police staff was deployed in carrying out smooth movement and parking of vehicles.”   

Usually, police on these drives conduct a breath analyzer test using an alcometer, and the vehicle is detained and the driver booked. “If a person caught drunken driving is tested on the alcometer, we can change the pipe for the next user to ensure it is not infected,” Shaikh said adding that there is a big risk for the cop holding the alcometer getting infected, “Moreover, the device also goes through other hands since it’s taken to the station for charging. We cannot take chances of multiple infections among traffic staff.”

Meanwhile, the traffic police did tow some vehicles that were parked in no parking zone, said the officer. “We also booked a couple of cases of road accidents. Two of these were major accidents, and both involved rash and negligent driving,” he said. 

Although the new year celebration is over the movement of outstation vehicles will continue till Sunday when most of them will start moving out of Goa to return to their respective states. 

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