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Panaji Streets Gets Overcrowded With Tourists, Following The Reopening of Casinos in Goa

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Panaji Streets Gets Overcrowded With Tourists
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The reopening of Casinos in Goa have created major challenge before the traffic department as there is hardly any space left for the parking and the movement of the vehicles due to the haphazard parking done by the tourists entering into the capital city to get into the Casinos. 

You can only imagine the popularity of the Casios in Goa where tourists line up like devotees not caring for the social distancing or any kind of SOPs laid down by the state Government. 

According to the reports, a huge flow of tourists have started entering the state after the Government allowed the reopening of the hotels and restaurants but the crowd is ballooning beyond the scope in the capital city to get inside the casinos. 

No one seems to be worried about the pandemic as if it was never existed. The tourists seen crowding on the Panaji streets without wearing the masks to maintaining any kind of social distancing. 

The image published by the local daily shows the magnitude of the tourists crowding outside the casino offices. Meanwhile according to the reports, The Panaji MLA Babush Monseratte is monitoring the situation.   

It may be recalled that this is same MLA who assured the removal of the Casinos from Panaji within 100 days after getting elected from Panaji. 

Meanwhile there is a serious concerned is getting surfaced as the SOP on health and hygiene issued by the government is being thrown to the wind. The City Corporation, that has been given the authority to crack down on the violators, is yet to take a final call.

Then CCP Mayor Uday Madkaikar has also admitted to have witnessed the violations amongst the tourists outside the casino offices and assured that the CCP will take actions against those not wearing the masks.  

“We are willing to act against all those not wearing face masks and not adhering to social distancing, but we are being cautious so that tourists do not come up with allegations of harassment. The CCP will soon decide on this aspect,” the Mayor told Herald. 

Madkaikar, CCP staff and the Traffic police have been constantly patrolling the casino stretch towards the main road, MG Road and other areas to check for traffic violations, during the late hours. The last few days have recorded a number of violations by the rental and non-Goa registered vehicles.  

“We do not want the locals to be troubled by illegal parking of vehicles by the tourists. Therefore, the Traffic Police along with CCP are cracking down on the violating vehicles,” he said. 

According to the reports, the traffic police had challenged and clamped more than 100 vehicles found parked in the No-Parking Zones. 

“We clamped around 60 four-wheelers and lifted 75-odd two-wheelers for having wrongly parked in the State capital,” said DySP Traffic (North Goa) Salim Shaikh adding that he had informed that CCP officials for assisting in the Traffic police to book the violators. 

“We allow alighting and embarking on the roadside, but not parking of vehicles. All those illegally parked vehicles are imposed fine,” he told Herald.

Meanwhile as mentioned earlier in the report, the Panaji MLA and Babush Monseratte monitoring the situation and the DYSP also assured to write to the Tourism Department to put-up the signboards along the city informing vehicle owners about the Multi Storey parking at Patto.  This attempt could help ease traffic congestion.

(With the Inputs from Heraldo)

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