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Parrikar is very unwell, But Why Party not allowing him to Take some Rest??

The answer is perhaps very simple as stated by the deputy speaker Mr. Michael Lobo. According to Mr. Lobo that the day Mr. Parrikar
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The answer is perhaps very simple as stated by the deputy speaker Mr Michael Lobo. According to Mr Lobo that the day Mr Parrikar steps down on his health ground or ‘something happens to him’, there will be a political crisis. But is this the real reason that the party is not allowing him to step down and take some rest??   

Parrikar is very unwell, and living with God’s Blessings, stated the Deputy Speaker of Goa Mr Micheal Lobo. Mr Lobo is the only BJP MLA who is very straight forward in his talks, he does not think twice while speaking facts, and according to him the exit of Mr Parrikar will plunge the state into political crises.  

Mr Lobo was speaking with  India Today when he said the day Parrikar steps down as chief minister, or “something happens to him,” Goa will plunge into a political crisis. Parrikar, 63, who is suffering from a pancreatic ailment, was admitted to  All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on January 31. He has been in and out of hospitals in Delhi, New York, Mumbai and Goa since last year.

According to Mr Lobo, the ailment of Mr Parrikar has no cure “The ailment he has got has no cure. There will be no political crisis till Manohar Parrikar is in the chair. But the day he steps down on his health ground or something happens to him, there will be a political crisis. He is very unwell,” said Lobo adding that “He is still living and working with God’s blessings.”

Recently Mr Parrikar had created the wave in the media by appearing at the inauguration of third Mandovi bridge “Atal Setu” and asking people “How is the Josh”. There were repercussions from the opposition parties on the words he uttered saying First “Hosh then Josh” but that did not lower the moral of Mr Parrikar and he continued to appear in the Goa Assembly.   

After the budget season, Mr Parrikar left for Delhi for his routine checkup at AIIMS, as suggested by the CMO. Presently Mr Parrikar is admitted at AIIMS in Delhi for the treatment and condition is said to stable. 

It is evident that Mr Parrikar is working very hard despite his ailment and he is still ready to cross any limits to complete his tasks but the question here is why Mr. Parrikar is not allowed to take some rest by the party? only to save the party from falling down he is allowed to go through the most difficult tasks?? 

There are many such questions that people utter around and want to know their answers. Here is what Mr Parrikar has to say about the entire thing. According to him, “Human mind can overcome any disease”, Mr Parrikar twitted.      

On January 30, Parrikar presented the Goa budget and said “There is a josh, that is too high and I’m fully in Hosh,” he was replying to the statement of opposition leader, who did the mockery of his Josh statement during the opening of the Third Mandovi Bridge. 

There is no doubt that Mr Parrikar posses the powers that any normal human being can’t think of otherwise it was difficult to continue to work under his existing condition. Mr Parrikar is not only working tirelessly while at the same time his health is degrading on a daily basis but he is also holding Goa’s political scenario on his shoulders. What you have to say about this??

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