Portuguese National Robbed in Goa was sent to Portuguese Consulate in Mumbai by Goa Police

This is one of the shockingly surprising stories wherein a Portuguese national, who was robbed in Goa with all his belongings, was found in Mumbai’s Azad Maidan police station. According to the reports, he was found roaming in front of the police station with just a short pant and no shirt on, and when inquired he revealed that he was sent to Mumbai by the Goa Police after he went to the police station with the complaint of getting robbed in Goa just a few days ago. What is the real story behind this? Take a look here…

Do you want Free Beer in Exchange for Beach Trash? Visit Pop up Bars on the Goan Beach

The new concept of Popup Bar introduced by the Drishti Services in association with some beach shacks in North Goa gives away a free beer to everyone who gets the beach trash like used cigarette buds and caps of beer bottles, so if you are planning to head over to the beach in the North Goa area, make sure to pick up your free beer this time.

Droneacharya : Scaling High with the Drone Technology

Artificial intelligence is already invading our lives with various gadgets like the Alexa (Amazon), Amazon Echo, Google Home; and then there are drones. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are changing the course of technology in the world. Drone technology, if used in its truest application, has tremendous potential. Drones are trending and in use for capturing some never-seen-before footages for movies and documentaries; as well as for military surveillance, government infra services and crisis management.

The Barbecue and Sizzler Festival at Hotel Fidalgo

Hotel Fidalgo is the only venue in the heart of the Panjim city that has around five amazing restaurants with lip-smacking cuisines. During different seasons around the year, the hotel organises various food festivals, showcasing delicacies from different states including Goa.

Audiophile: Back to the Analog Sound of Music

The famous quote ‘Old is Gold’ is entirely proved to be true by Audiophile. Audiophile is an awe-struck establishment that recognizes the value of the old vinyl records, analogue speakers and turntables.


Goa has been blessed with many famous personalities in the field of fashion designing; this profession is booming in the state. Ritu Puri is one such renowned designer from Delhi who has set up her boutique in Goa under the banner “Ritu’s Creation”. Ritu, who is undoubtedly a Talk of the Town, moved to Goa in the year 2007 after getting married. “After completing my graduation, I went to acquire a degree in fashion and textile designing, and later worked with famous designers like Pragya Samore. I also worked in export houses and buying agencies like Anand Merchandising in Delhi,” said Ritu. After moving to Goa, she worked on various freelance projects along with established agencies before setting up her own studio “Ritu’s Creations” in Porvorim.   

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