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Give Us The Good Governance Instead of Freebies, Goan Voters Tells The Political Parties

After the entry of the Delhi-based Aam Aadmi Party in Goa, all the political parties have set up their election agendas offering freebies to
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Give Us The Good Governance Instead of Freebies
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Soon after the announcement of Free Electricity to all the Goats by the Aam Adam Party, all the political parties came with their election agenda offering the freebies to the Goa voters but will Goan voters will fall for such promises, only the time will decide. The Incredible Goa Team Took a short survey of the opinion of the people of Goa on this issue and here are the results.  

“We don’t want anything free but good leaders to save our motherland whether it’s Goa or India because we all are Indians too. So good leaders should save our beautiful Goa from dirty politics. Now everybody is ready to give free water, electricity, etc but how much honesty is in their soul. We see how corruption is going on and how politicians change their words,” says Rosy Ferrao.

Another person Hanumant Vasta says, Goans never asked for free but in today’s pandemic situation common. middle-class people suffered a lot hence instead of freebies reduce billing charges on electricity water LPG n vat on petrol and diesel. 

Kishor Naik from Panaji feels that Everything is not free. “Aap already told free electricity Now water-free to goa What next free flat in coming election. We required good people or leaders.”

The fate of each candidate and their political parties. AAP has come with a tried-tested formula in Delhi of free electricity and their agenda prompted the CM and other political parties to announce free water, education, and health facilities to lure the voters. 

Matthew Kurian – Founder of El-Shaddai Charitable Trust, feels that Kejriwal can be trusted other two guys cannot be trusted because they have never done anything when they were in power even now it’s all a political gimmick. Look at the present scenario in Goa!! And what they are going offer next term. Let them do now and show us what they can instead of sting for the next result. There was so much water shortage in the last summer then how come they didn’t bother to give us water that time? Goa forward!!! They spoke against BJP and got into power with BJP and then BJP kicks them out because of their power Olay.”

Rajkumar Ghadge – Prominent Businessman & Real Estate Developer says Freebies was the brainchild of Former BJP CM Late Manohar Parrikar. Which helped BJP rule goa for so many years. As far as electricity and water giving free or at the subsidized rate it’s need of an hour. Election promises or manifestos are not enforceable in courts so whoever lures people and win may later deny and the public can’t do anything except wait for the next elections. But AAP has stored the water by throwing stones of freebies. Now others have to follow suit. As far as education and health free is concerned it’s always been there. What’s needed is quality education and quality health services with free or low cost.” 

The Political Agenda For Election 2022

Following the announcement of free electricity for every Goan resident by the Aam Adam Party, the Chief Minister of Goa Dr. Pramod Sawant made an announcement of 16 thousand liters of free water to every Goan household. He made this promise on the occasion of Independence Day.

The CM also made it clear recently that his Government’s decision of offering free water has nothing to do with a ‘similar’ poll promise made by the Aam Adam Party.  

“There are those who are demanding that things should be given free, let me tell them, I did not make these announcements because of what they (AAP) said. Our Government has been giving subsidy on the power tariff for the past two years but now the cabinet has taken a decision, that is why people came to know about it,” he told the IANS Media.

Meanwhile, the Goa Forward Party has also started doing aggressive campaigning this time to make sure that they remain in power and take the lions to share in the forthcoming assembly election.   

The Goa Forward Party came up with the announcement of free education and healthcare in their election agenda. 

“If we come to power our objective will be to provide good quality education, including higher education to the people of Goa. And we will do it,” the party’s working president Kiran Kandolkar told a press conference in Panaji. 

“In the health sector, we will not just ask people to carry insurance cards. We will provide healthcare free. These people (ruling party) robbed people during Covid because there was no place in government hospitals. We will also provide security and safety for women and children so that they can roam around free without fear all 24 hours of the day,” Kandolkar said.

It may be recalled that Over the last two months, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party convenor Arvind Kejriwal had promised free power upto 300 units to domestic consumers in the state. Followed by Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, who announced a free water supply of up to 16,000 liters to domestic consumers in Goa from September 1 this year.

With lots of parties joining the bandwagon of freebies now the Goan voters will have happy days ahead of the forthcoming elections, but people do not want freebies at the cost of paying the higher taxes on the commodities like petrol and diesel. 

The people of Goa demands good governance, transparent dealings, and the eradication of corruption from the system. “The debt-ridden state government cannot afford to give freebies, instead it will be better if they reduce the internal political corruption that is eating the system from inside,” says Goan voters. 

The closure of the mining and tourism industry has crushed the economy of the state. They don’t have money to pay salaries, taking loans and increasing the burden of a common man and if this kept going, soon the burden of the repayment of all those loans will come on the shoulder of a common man. What is your opinion on this story, please do share your suggestions in the comments box below?    

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