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Hundreds of Job Aspirants Queue up for the Lucrative Government Jobs, But who will be the lucky ones?

Procuring a job is a major issue in the state of Goa and due to non-availability of the Government jobs a lot of Goans
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Procuring a job is a major issue in the state of Goa and due to non-availability of the Government jobs a lot of Goans prefer to leave the state in search of better prospects outside, some lucky ones with the Portuguese passports migrate to the UK and other European Countries while the rest of them prefer to search their destiny in places such as Mumbai and Bangalore, but there are those Niz-Goenkars who do not want to leave our land and decide to stay here in a hope of getting some good government jobs and are normally seen queued up in front of many government offices and this is a story about them.

Everyone knows that getting government job depends on the blessings of the Ministers or local MLAs and you can witness hundreds of villagers lining up in front of the Minister’s Bungalow (sometimes even their posh apartments in posh colonies) on a daily basis. Is this the real destiny of the Goans who elect these people to rule them??

The queue is never ending but jobs are reserved?

Anyway, coming back to the main issue, a report published by the Times of India claimed that as the dates of the by-elections for Shiroda and Mandrem is coming closer the government departments are not taking any chances and are now in a hurry to beat the code of conduct. Hundreds of youth, along with some middle-aged individuals, have begun to line up with a sliver of hope and their resume for the proverbial government job, outside the various departments that have begun the process to fill vacancies.

This may be called as a last moment arrangements to get the vote back ready for the forthcoming by-elections as well as the Lok Sabha election that is taking place during the same time.

Some line up inside the employment exchange office

According to reports, the Manohar Parrikar government has decided to lift the ban on the recruitment process to allow the people of elected representatives to get some good jobs but there is no guarantee as when the code of conduct will be applied and all the process will be stopped once again as the official with the department of personnel said that the process could get stuck if the code of conduct was announced.

Every time the politicians play the politics over jobs and the whole formula is, jobs are for the people who support the government. They keep giving the jobs in pieces and slices to make sure to keep the hold on their voters.

According to the reports, the government has cleared around 2,000 posts for various departments, with many cabinet ministers desperate to fill the vacancies with supporters from their constituencies, and On Thursday, a long line of job aspirants was seen outside the North Goa Collectorate, with several hundred youths aspiring for a government job.   

Some prefer to queue up in front of the Portuguese consulate instead

The departments that advertised posts include the Directorate of prosecution, department of information and publicity, directorate of higher education, department of land survey, department of social welfare and others. “The government lifted the ban on recruitment a while ago, but the process never began,” a bureaucrat said. “Maybe now they are rushing to escape the code of conduct, but if the code comes into force, the recruitment will get stuck.”

According to the reports, Goa has the highest government employee to population ratio, with around 65,000 state government employees and another 7,000 workers employed by the central government in a state that has a population of just over 15 lakh.

There are hundreds of jobs and thousands of aspirants waiting to take one but if you want to be the lucky one, you know where to go and what to do!!

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