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One more Goan Resident Tested Positive for COVID 19, and with this the total number goes up to six.

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Coronavirus case in Goa Main
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With one more case of COVID 19 detected in Goa, the total number of cases have gone upto six in the state of Goa. The suspect had a travel history to Mozambique and Kenya said the sources. Until the last week, Goa had no single case of Coronavirus in the state but soon after the lockdown the cases have started coming into the light, this shows that lockdown was required otherwise the things could have escalated. 

According to the reports, Goa on Friday reported another case of COVID-19, with a man having a travel history to Mozambique and Kenya testing positive. While this took the total number of positive cases to six in the tourist State, there are currently three people under hospital isolation and 1,000 under home quarantine.

This man with the travel history to Mozambique and Kenya and arrived in Goa on March 19, via a domestic flight from Mumbai, and self-admitted himself, and his samples were sent for the lab testing the reports of the same came positive on Friday, said the report. 

“We are in the process to quarantine his first contacts,” Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said, adding that a 50-year-old man who had died in the COVID-19 ward at Goa Medical College and Hospital (GMC-H) had been suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. However, the deceased had tested negative for the COVID 19.

The said person who belongs to North Goa had been working on a ship and he took the domestic flight to Goa on March 19. Officials said the government was reaching out to all of his fellow passengers and crew on the flight.      

“This sixth patient who tested positive had returned from a ship and self-quarantined himself after reaching Goa. He has had primary contact with five people who have all now been quarantined,” Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said.

According to the Chief Minister Mr Pramod Sawant, out of the 197 people who had tasted for the COVID 19, only three had been tested positive. “The government had placed 173 under quarantine and would do the same for 8,000 seafarers stranded in various international ports as and when the Central government facilitates their return,” he added.

While talking on the issue of the 46 people quarantined in connection with the Tablighi Jamaat conclave, the Chief Minister said that as per a police report about eight had attended the event at Nizamuddin and that too before March 11.      

“Our understanding is that they [Tabligh] have programmes continuously. There are many who attended an event in February. In all, our police have reported that 2,500 Goan families have connections with Tablighi Jamaat. The report mentions that four out of 46 people who attended Markaz-Nizamuddin at Delhi are Goans, while eight of 46 had travelled to Delhi in February, not March,” Dr Sawant said.       

Meanwhile, the CM also warned Goans to not to employ the outsiders during for harvesting and cultivation of Cashew and instead use those who were within the State. The government also empowered the district collectors to give special permission to people who want to come from neighbouring States.

Source: The Hindu

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