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We Don’t Want People Who Takes Drugs in Goa Says Goa Tourism Minister

The Goa Tourism Minister Babu Azgaonkar was responding to the news of Aryan Khan’s arrest in the drug and rave party related case.
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No Drugs in Goa
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The Tourism mister of Goa is known for making uncanny Remarks in the media and most of the time due his remarks he faces the backlash from the people of Goa. This time also he made the remarks on the arrest of Aryan Khan stating that he don’t want people taking drugs in Goa. 

According to the report, the tourism minister of Goa Mr Babu Azgaonkar reacted on the arrest of Shah Ruk Khan’s Son Aryan Khan saying that he don’t want the people consuming drugs in Goa. “We do not want people who take drugs. We are strict,” IANS quoted Ajgaonkar as saying.

Mr Azgaonkar was talking to the media reporters from Times Now when he made this remarks on the Aryan Khan after his arrest from the private cruise that was heading to Goa from Mumbai for the pre planned rave party. 

It may be recalled that Shah Ruk Khan’s son Aryan Khan was arrested by the team of NCB officials in a surprised raid on a private cruise line that was on its way to Goa. According to the Goa Prism reports, Aryan Khan along with two more were arrested for the possession and consumption of the narcotic substances. 

It is not the first time the name of Goa got the limelight due to drug related issue in there are drug related cases busted by the Goa Police in the minister’s own constituency on a regular basis. 

The Electronic Music Festival organised by the famous EDM company also has several cases of deaths due to the overdose of drugs in Goa and that too in the tenure of the said minister who himself seen dancing to the tune of Digital Music. 

In the year 2016, a 21-year-old film artist Ruksar Khan was found dead in mysterious circumstance due to the alleged overdose of the drugs. 

According to the report, a 21-year-old actress was found lying motionless in her hotel room after the night out party with drugs.  

The report says that she was partying hard with three of her friends who narrated the story to the police. According to their story, they had mixed the Ecstasy in their energy drink, but police suspect it’s the drug overdose while the family is crying of involvement of foul play claiming it could have been date rape.  

When Mr Ajgaonkar asked about his plans to improve the domestic and international tourism in Goa the Tourism Ministry’s plan to tackle the menace of drugs amongst the tourists, he stressed that the issue comes under the purview of the home department and not under his minister.  

“These things are not in my hands. It is in the hands of the Home department,” he said. However, the tourism minister stressed that Goa should be clean of drugs and garbage. 

According to the reports, NCB sleuths had detained total of eight persons who were present at the cruise were detained for questioning in connection with the drug bust. Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant, Munmun Dhamecha, Nupur Sarika, Ismeet Singh, Mohak Jaswal, Vikrant Chhoker, and Gomit Chopra are the ones who were arrested in the raid. 

This comes a month after the DRI had raided the port and found two containers with around 3,000-kgs of drugs worth Rs 21,000 crore from there, and the Opposition parties have demanded a Supreme Court-monitored probe into the incident.

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