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Deplorable Highways To Stray Cattle – Goa’s Gloomy Condition of Roads

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Deplorable Highways
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As Goa witnesses a volatile economic situation, and at a time when the government’s treasury reels under excessive pressure, it only means suffering for the common citizens. The situation of public roads in Goa is nothing short of ‘pathetic’. A one-way trip from the commercial city of Margao to Panaji is bound to have you severely reeling under pain and discomfort. 

This however isn’t a surprise, as every year, Goa’s roads end up being in a deplorable condition, especially post monsoons. This year too, with the pandemic situation used a blanket excuse, the condition of roads across the state has become pitiful. 

The receiving end of all this however is the common man. The stretch of the road from Verna’s Titan slope, up until the Agaissaim church area is in a very grave shape, with deep potholes the size of craters welcoming you every meter. 

Besides causing long term damage to vehicles, such condition of the roads has also caused accidents along the stretch, as many have fallen off their motorcycles. Some, in the past, have even lost their lives because of such road conditions along this highway stretch. 

The construction activity due to the new Zuari bridge along the Cortalim area has rendered the roads impractical for one to drive on. Also, regular diversions and ‘kacha’ roads only mean trouble for the daily commuters. 

“One begs to wonder if political leaders and bureaucrats do not commute to work regularly to notice such pathetic conditions? Or do they even care for the misery one has to go through while traveling every day,” said a local who uses this route often.  

“Is that stretch from Verna even in a condition to drive on?” questioned another, citing that the road is nothing short of an embarrassment to state administration, especially the PWD. 

The government currently, in the name of development, has been active at proposing projects, however, when it comes to implementation and maintenance of the same, it has always taken a foot back. 

Furthermore, to show a rosy picture, authorities place a layer of temporary tar over potholed areas. However, little do they realise that the same is washed away overnight within one shower of rain.  

Besides the condition of roads, stray cattle menace continues to be prominent along Goa’s roads too. Yesterday, a mini-fish van on its way to Ankola, Karnataka, in order to avoid hitting stray cattle that emerged suddenly, went off the road and missed turning onto its side. 

Meanwhile, one often finds small stretches of roads often dug to either lay ‘one’ pipeline or an electrical cable, which later becomes a public hindrance for those commuting. 

The issues plaguing the state in terms of public administration and safety concerns along the state’s roads continue to mount, but under the umbrella of covid-19, the government continues to sit comfortably without addressing several of these issues that also need urgent attention, along with the pandemic. 

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