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Goa Tourism To Resurrect The Passenger Ropeway Project Across River Mandovi To Promote Tourism

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Ropeway Project
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Following the resumption of tourism activities in the state, Goa Tourism is working on reviving the pending projects in the state to boost tourism and one of them is Passenger Ropeway Project Across The River Mandovi.  

According to the IANS report, The Goa Tourism Development Corporation has revived a ropeway project over the Mandovi river, stretching from the banks of the state capital Panaji to the picturesque village of Reis Magos across the river.

The Chief Minister of Goa spoke to the reporters about the revival of the Passenger Ropeway Project after attending the meeting of the state government’s Investment Promotion Board. 

The Chairman of Goa Tourism Development Corporation Mr. Dayanand Sopte also confirmed the same saying that the chairman of the Board, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had said that all formalities to set up the project are expected to be completed by January 31. 

“The passenger ropeway will ferry persons from Panaji across the Mandovi river to Reis Magos village,” Sopte said. According to him, the ropeway is expected to be constructed 35 meters above the water level. 

The ropeway has been on the Goa Tourism Ministry’s agenda as part of a conscious plan to widen the bouquet of experiences for tourists visiting Goa. 

It was mooted in 2017 as part of an Rs. 157 crore project which also included a zip line, sky diving services, a 4D aquarium, revolving restaurant, artificial skiing, artificial surfing facilities, etc. The project was to be completed on a DBFOT (Design, Build, Finance, Operate, and Transfer) basis. 

Sopte also said that a seaplane service was also being envisaged further inland in the same river along with the UNESCO-endorsed 17th-century church complex near Old Goa, located a short distance from Panaji. 

Goa is one of the leading beach tourism destinations in the country and attracted nearly eight million tourists last year.

(With the Inputs from IANS) 

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